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Kaz Hirai at CES 2016

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai decides to step down after six-year tenure

Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai has stepped down from his role, and current CFO Kenichiro Yoshida will take on the position in April.
Google Booth CES 2018

Google’s $1.1 billion ‘big bet on hardware’ deal with HTC is final

Google has closed the deal to acquire part of HTC's smartphone team, and a non-exclusive license for HTC's intellectual property, as part of a, "big bet on hardware."
Walmart Black Friday

Walmart partners with Rakuten for online groceries and ebooks

Walmart has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Rakuten, and will soon start selling digital books on its website.
amazon earnings report q2 2016 jeff bezos feat

Amazon’s HQ2 has 20 potential new homes, but Atlanta may be the frontrunner

Amazon has unveiled the 20 finalists still in consideration to become the online retailer's new home. Atlanta is currently predicted as the frontrunner.

Airbnb purges half of its San Francisco listings overnight

In one fell swoop, Airbnb made it a lot harder for folks to find vacation rentals in San Francisco. It's all due to a new law.

Xfinity Mobile adds bring-your-own-device option for some iPhone users

Comcast has launched a mobile phone service to take on AT&T, T-Mobile, and others. It's called Xfinity Mobile.

CVS vows to ban photo manipulation in its marketing material for beauty products

CVS Pharmacy has announced plans to ban all “materially altered” photos from its in-store and online beauty departments.
GoPro Karma

Bad Karma: GoPro will exit the drone market, cut more than 250 jobs

GoPro will exit the drone market this year to focus on its core products and new innovations, while cutting the price of the Hero6 Black to $400.
Puppy 1

Inspired by Segway, this robotic suitcase follows you around the airport

The 90Fun Puppy 1 uses trackers to follow you around, but still manages to balance on two wheels using tech from Segway.
facial recognition

Babierge makes traveling with infants easier via Airbnb-style gear rentals

Flying with an infant often means big baggage fees to check that playpen -- but startup Babierge is working to change that.
iPhone and iPad rest on a table, each with the App Store open.

Apple developers in China have made $17 billion in revenue since App Store launch

Apple executive Tim Cook shared that developers on the Apple platform have earned 112 billion yuan, or $16.93 billion in China.
facial recognition

Travel etiquette survey pinpoints the proper way to sleep with 200 strangers

What's proper travel etiquette for sleeping on a plane? Who gets that armrest? A British Airways survey creates an unofficial guide.
apple paradise papers leak tim cook says fbi is asking to write the software  equivalent of cancer

Leaked documents reveal Apple’s new shelter for profits is the island of Jersey

According to the Paradise Papers leak, Apple has found a new tax haven for its profits -- Jersey, a small island off the coast of France.
airbnb lego house giveaway 2017 09 07 adult 054 v11

Pack your Lego-proof slippers — Airbnb is giving away a night at the Lego House

What would you make with one night and 25 million Legos? Airbnb is hosting a contest to send a family to stay at the Lego House in Denmark.
Morgan Wandell

Apple nabs top Amazon executive to helm development of original scripted series

Morgan Wandell, one of the top executives at Amazon, has joined Apple as part of their effort to join the ranks of streaming original series.
The Helm

Could The Helm be the secret to fixing Silicon Valley’s gender diversity issue?

The Helm is a new company offering seed-round funding to female founders in hopes of injecting some much needed diversity into the sector.
THinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

It’s real! Lenovo unveils 25th Anniversary ThinkPad with retro keyboard, styling

Lenovo is now offering the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 limited edition laptop. But don't worry: there's no ancient technology here.

Roku IPO a success, despite gaining little revenue from YouTube or Netflix

Roku filed for an initial public offering at the beginning of the month, and upon debut, is doing very well for itself.
bellroy bags launch bsba lifestyle web 01

Bellroy wallet-inspired bags are designed to carry tech without the bulk

Bellroy just launched its first set of bags. The Bellroy bags series is designed to carry laptops and other gear without the bulk.
apple iphone 8 launch

Apple iPhone 8 launch fails to garner much enthusiasm worldwide

With the cutting-edge iPhone X just around the corner, the iPhone 8 launch was more subdued than usual, with very few long lines.
standard pacific duffel bags kickstarter 8e3a4079

These expandable Standard Pacific duffel bags are designed for adventures

Back on Kickstarter, these two Standard Pacific duffel bags and a personal travel kit are designed for adventurous travelers.

You can get lunch from restaurants for less than $6 with MealPal

Meet MealPal, the pickup meal service that actually wants you to leave your home or office in order to acquire your sustenance. 

Need to return an Amazon order? Just drop it off at Kohl’s

Initially launching in 82 retail locations, Kohl's will soon accept and process returns of products purchased online from Amazon.

A robot named Heliograf got hundreds of stories published last year

The Washington Post published hundreds of stories from Heliograf, an AI program that may soon replace its human counterparts.
amazon 1 click buying patent expires

Amazon’s patent for 1-click buying just expired, so hold onto your wallets

Getting rid of your money is about to get a whole lot easier now that Amazon's iron grip on 1-click buying has finally loosened.
killer sex robots

Australian tech expert issues dire warning about the dangers of killer sex robots

A tech researcher cautions that virtual girlfriends can be easily hacked, turning them into killer sex robots that could turn on their owners.
amazon hit series

Amazon wants the next 'Game of Thrones' says CEO Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos wants the next big TV blockbuster, and he wants it to be an Amazon hit series. The studio is under pressure to deliver..

Uber picks new CEO, Expedia’s Dara Khosrowshahi, ending high-profile search

Uber's board has finally chosen a new leader after a high-profile search, and it's Dara Khosrowshahi, the current leader of Expedia.
uber request ride for loved one 1

Uber looks to be fast approaching a new CEO, and it could be Meg Whitman

It would appear that the HPE executive, Meg Whitman, has emerged as the top candidate to take on the reins at Uber.

Go-Jek could be giving Uber a serious run for its money with new funding round

Uber's Indonesian rival Go-Jek looks like it's getting close to raising a lot, and we mean a lot, of capital. 
Target store in dusk light.

Target hopes Grand Junction acquisition will help it compete with Amazon

Look out, Amazon. Target is coming for your crown. The brick and mortar retailer just acquired software company Grand Junction.
microsoft intel coco framework the blockchain

Microsoft and Intel unite to bring blockchain to businesses

Intel and Microsoft are working together to bring blockchain into the workplace, and it's contingent on Coco Framework.

Charter and Comcast are reportedly in merger talks with Sprint

Despite a proposal from Sprint to merge with Charter Communications, it appears that no such deal will be made. At least, not for now.
foxconn factory

Foxconn to build LCD panels in Wisconsin starting in 2020

Electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn intends to build a new plant in Wisconsin. It will offer 3,000 jobs, and may employee up to 13,000.