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stock photo startup snapwire explores mini ipo filing under new regulations version 1438754407 lifestyle ios

Startup Snapwire to use SEC's new crowdfunding rules to raise capital

Like all startups, Snapwire, the on-demand stock photo agency, needs to raise funds to grow. To do so, it has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign.
digital acumen 33903886 ml

What do today’s corporate managers want? A digitally mature company, it would seem

Looking to up your company's retention rates? In this digital age, you'd better be ready to keep up with the digital pace.
xbox one gaming decline controller feat

Microsoft’s Xbox and gaming sales see a 9-percent decline year-over-year

Microsoft has revealed that it has seen a 9-percent year-on-year revenue decline in Xbox and gaming for the second quarter of 2016.

Comcast expands $10 internet plan to 2 million more low-income households

Comcast has announced an expansion of its Internet Essentials plan, which offers 10Mbps internet speeds for $10 per month to low-income households.
uber investigators lied illegally recorded phone calls

Uber investigators admit to lying and using illegal tactics against Uber’s opponents

Uber's contracted investigative firm, Ergo admitted in court to lying and illegally recording phone calls to investigate Uber's legal foes.
google enhances mobile search for travel retail boarding pass klm

Google just made it easier to find travel deals and book them on your phone

Google enhances its mobile search to increase travel and retail search functions to accommodate mobile users who make purchases and book travel on phones.
line asian markets app

Line messaging app goes public with year’s biggest tech company debut

Line Corporation arrived on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Thursday morning with the biggest market debut for a tech company this year.

Not all jobs equally threatened by robotics in next decade — how about yours?

A McKinsey & Company report predicts change in most jobs due to automation during the next decade. In some cases the least skilled jobs may be safest.
line ipo largest tech 2016 screen shot 07 11 at 9 24 35 am

At $1.3 billion, Line's upcoming IPO looks like the biggest tech debut of 2016

Japan's Line Corp has set the price of its initial public offering at the very top of its targeted range, the company revealed Monday.
alibaba offices

‘If you want to sue us, sue us,’ says Jack Ma about probes into Alibaba

Jack Ma has a message for his naysayers, and it's coming through loud and clear -- "Lawsuits don't scare me."
google surveillance report first half 2016 googlehq feat

Google Cloud Platform gains video software company Anvato after acquisition

In an effort to expand its offerings in cloud-based video processing, Google announced this week it had bought Anvato, a video software platform.
amazon chinese counterfeit problem gets worse

Amazon made it easier for Chinese counterfeiters to sell you fake products

Amazon created its own problem by offering access to its Fulfillment by Amazon to Chinese sellers, making it easier for them to distribute counterfeit goods
great news for job seekers in 2016 especially if youre tech programmer

Great news for job seekers in 2016, especially if you’re in tech

CareerBuilder has even better news in its Mid-Year Job Forecast, projecting that over half of employers will raise wages for current employees.
European Court of Justice

New EU-US data transfer agreement, 'Privacy Shield,' is made official

Privacy Shield, the controversial replacement for Safe Harbor, was approved today by the European Union to ensure legal data transfers to the U.S.
rich miner google education project richminer feat

Google is creating a new education project, with Rich Miner at its helm

Android co-founder Rich Miner is set to lead a new education project at Google. It's unknown exactly what the new project will be.
microsoft skype meetings office 365 feat

Microsoft’s new Skype Meetings caters to the Office 365 Business crowd

Microsoft launched a business-focused, web-based videoconference service called Skype Meetings. The big draw is Office 365 integration for paid users.
san francisco named most frugal city in america

San Francisco officials propose payroll tax aimed solely at tech companies

The rising cost of San Francisco housing, attributed by some to heavy tech company presence, has led city officials to mull a payroll tax for tech firms.
tesla unintended acceleration lawsuit model x 1v2

Tesla second-quarter deliveries fell short of target despite production jump

Tesla Motors produced just over 18,000 cars in the second quarter, claiming it achieved a steady rate of just under 2,000 cars per week by quarter's end.
startup rejected 70 times now worth billion dollars signpost  venture capital

This startup was rejected 70 times and is now worth over $1 billion

Adaptive Insights is now one of the worlds most successful cloud-based financial software platforms, but the road to success was rocky.
microsoft linkedin integration ms 2016 06 12 1 c

SEC filing from LinkedIn acquisition reveals five suitors

SEC documents unveiled Friday reveal that there were at least five total corporations interested in buying up the business-oriented social network.
google 2015 diversity report diverse feat

Google’s latest diversity report shows very slow progress

Google has released its latest diversity report, showing slow progress, but progress nonetheless.
panama canal expansion opens 12206192  big container ship in a sluice gate the

Panama Canal adds a third, wider lane 102 years later

Expanded to handle larger tankers and container ships nearly three times the current capacity, the Panama Canal's third set of locks are now open.

Incipio to buy headphone maker Skullcandy

Skullcandy approved a $177 million purchase offer from Incipio. The two companies both offer fashion forward tech accessories.
Internet of Things

When it comes to the IoT, Germany is beating the U.S.

According to a new survey from BCG, despite the loads of money the U.S. is pouring into the IoT, it all pales in comparison when placed next to Germany.
is elon musk planning world domination through solar power and electric cars solarcity residence

As an energy infrastructure company that also sells cars, Tesla enters a new phase

Creating a sustainable, clean energy company reflects Tesla CEO's long-term business plan. Tesla cars will make money and spur the electric car market.
samsung byd carmaker china stake name feat

Samsung is investing $1.2 billion in the internet of things

Samsung's no stranger to the internet of things, but it looks like the company wants to kick things up a notch -- or $1.2 billion worth of notches.
facebook china shareholder meeting mark zuckerberg

Facebook’s leadership talks China, Zuck’s future at shareholder meeting

Facebook addressed its courtship of China, where it is still banned, along with a number of other business issues at its annual shareholder meeting.
airbnb releases list of most wish listed properties treehouse 3

Airbnb could lose much of its New York business if State Senate bill passes

Airbnb could lose much of its New York business after a bill passed that would outlaw the company from listing unoccupied properties for short-term rentals.
equal pay pledge tech two women working in an office1

Women working in tech jobs should avoid these cities if they want more equal pay

Gender pay gap in the tech industry is a reality for women in the workforce. Some US cities are worse than others. Here is the breakdown.
Donald Trump

Sorry Trump, Apple won’t be donating money or tech to this year’s GOP convention

Apple is sitting out the GOP convention next month, as is HP, Motorola, and other corporate sponsors.
yahoo ceo delivers deathblow headquarters1

Get fired and earn $55 million: A day in the life of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo CEO delivers company final deathblow by ignoring investors and increasing company spending despite plunging revenue.
leeco lecoming to leamerica 2016 letv one pro

Moving In: LeEco ramps up US expansion plans with new hires, new land

Chinese tech giant LeEco is beginning to speed up its plans to expand into the U.S. market, as it is rapidly hiring employees and purchased land from Yahoo.
google fiber louisville hybrid launch googlefiber 01

Forced arbitration bans Google Fiber customers from filing class-action lawsuits

Google has updated its terms of service for Fiber with a forced arbitration clause, preventing disgruntled customers from filing a class-action lawsuit.
marijuana cannabis led lights feat

Microsoft and marijuana strike a new partnership, thanks to a deal with Kind

Microsoft has become the first major U.S. corporation to join hands with the weed industry.