The ATS SPORT 1000: One more Italian sports car to dream about


If you haven’t heard of the Italian automaker ATS, you’re not alone. Few outside of the racing world have. An acronym for “Automobili Turismo e Sport,” ATS only existed for a few years in the 1960s. Thankfully, however, ATS has been reborn and its first offering is a re-birth of its 1962 racecar: the SPORT 1000.

Weighing-in at a miniscule 882 pounds, the racecar body is made from stainless steel and aluminum. To put into perspective how truly light the SPORT 1000 is, the Lotus Elise weighs some 1800 pounds, 1000 more than the ATS. Featuring  a double wishbone suspension, a limited slip differential, and billet aluminum hubs, the SPORT 1000 isn’t faking the funk.

Safety-wise, the SPORT 1000 is equipped with a front honeycomb crash box in the front, a 50mm rollbar, a collapsible steering column, and six-point racing harnesses.

The SPORT 1000 will be available with your choice of motorcycle engine — that’s right, motorcycle engine. Customers can specify either the Suzuki Hayabusa engine, the Yamaha R1, or the Honda CBR. For the truly daring, ATS will sell you all the bits as a kit car for a discount and you can assemble it yourself.

But if a no frills street legal sport scar isn’t your cup of tea, ATS has a larger, softer model in the works as well: the 2500 GT. Powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged Cosworth engine and constructed on a tubular chassis with carbon panels, the 2500 GT will weigh 2204 pounds and should be pretty quick indeed.

For those eager to get their hands on a truly exclusive road racer, the ATS SPORT 1000 is on sale now for around $32,000 without shipping. Although $32,000 might seem like a lot, for a purpose built track car, the SPORT 1000 is actually quite a bargain.