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windows 10 x leaks five things we know 10x 3 768x768

Here are five things we just learned from the Windows 10X leaks

Some leaked documentation obtained by Microsoft leaker Walking Cat has provided the details of the operating system -- and hint that it could be coming to regular Windows 10 laptops as well. From the Taskbar, Launcher, Settings app, and more, here's five things we know about Windows 10X.
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Windows 10 will soon have a built-in feature to measure framerates in games

Microsoft recently announced the addition of a new framerate counter to Windows 10. The feature will come as part of the Xbox Game Bar and builds on the many gaming abilities already available from within the operating system. It will roll out automatically as part of the October 2019 Update for the Xbox Game Bar.
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The next version of Windows 10 could debut on November 12. Here’s what to expect

Microsoft is getting ready to release the next version of Windows 10, code-named the 19H2 update. It was already known that the update will officially be named the November 2019 Update, but now there is extra reason to believe it could be available for download on November 12. 
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Microsoft cautions against installing the latest Windows 10 update

Microsoft released the KB4520062 cumulative update on October 15 but is warning businesses not to install it. The update could break Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, preventing this service from running and sending report data. There's no cause for alarm on mainstream Windows 10 PCs.
surface book 2 disappearing gpu bug resolved microsoft 13 review 15197 1500x1000

Microsoft finally fixes Windows 10 bug that has plagued the Surface Book 2

If you're the owner of a high-end Surface Book 2, Microsoft just fixed a problem that has plagued your device. An issue where the internal Nvidia GPU on the device might no longer function or appear in Device Manager when installing the latest version of Windows 10 on the Surface Book 2 is now officially resolved.
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The next Windows 10 update launches in November. Here’s what to expect

Microsoft has announced the official name and release schedule for the next update of Windows 10 --- code-named 19H2. Now dubbed the Windows 10 November 2019 Update, it will be coming to PCs everywhere in November. Find out what makes this update different than previous ones.
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Start Menu in Windows 10 still broken after the latest patch

Many Windows 10 PC owners continue to flock around Reddit, the Microsoft community forum, and Twitter reporting that patch KB4517389, which was distributed on October 8, breaks the Start Menu. Currently, Microsoft’s patch notes state that the company is not aware of any issues.
windows 10 new phone calling features october 2018 update 768x768

You can now answer and make phone calls in Windows 10

The Your Phone app has always been a great way to send and receive text messages on your PC, or even mirror your Android apps and screen, but it is now even more useful. Microsoft has announced the rollout of a new ability to send and receive phone calls from an Android phone directly from a Windows 10 PC.
how to use windows 10

How to use Windows 10: Useful tips and tricks you need to know

While it might seem like a new and daunting operating system, Windows 10 actually features an intuitive user interface and some familiar features from older versions of Windows that will make you feel right at home.  We've put together a nifty little guide, helping you learn how to use --- and ease your way into Windows 10.
why surface duo should run windows10x in hand

The petitions are right. The Surface Duo should run Windows 10X

Microsoft has finally returned to the smartphone game with the Surface Duo. But to our surprise, this new device runs Android rather than Windows. It seems like the more practical choice given the company's previous blunders, but is it really the right way to go when you have an operating system already designed for dual-screen devices?
Surface Neo

Windows 10 X is the future of dual-screen devices, and doesn’t ditch keyboards

At Microsoft's annual Surface hardware event, the company announced Windows 10 X, a software platform designed specifically for dual-screen PCs. It's not a new version of Windows, or a brand new operating system in itself. Instead, it takes the core of Windows 10 and reimagines the interfaces to take advantage of dual-screen devices.
Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 stock photo

Microsoft’s Windows 10X OS may be featured on dual-screen devices

Recent leaks indicate that Microsoft has been working on a lighter version of the Windows 10 operating software, which has gone under the aliases Windows Lite and Windows 10X. According to the reports, this new operating system is designed to work on dual-screen devices.
windows core os concept feel like the future

This Windows Core OS concept feels like the future I’ve always wanted

Microsoft is rumored to debut its own Windows Core OS-powered device at its upcoming Oct. 2 hardware event. But this concept mock-up takes the potential of a modular operating system to the next level, showing how it would function in active workplaces that might not have access to a desktop interface.
windows 10 hit 900 million active devices reaches over

Windows 10 officially powers over 900 million devices

With the support for Windows 7 slated to end at the beginning of 2020, Microsoft has reported a week ahead of its annual Surface event that Windows 10 officially has more than 900 million active device,s from PCs to Windows smartphones, currently utilizing the operating system.
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The U.S. government issues warning to install this emergency Windows update

Google Chrome might be the most popular web browsers, but a small percentage of Windows users are still depending on the older Internet Explorer browser. If that covers you, then Microsoft is now urging you to install an emergency patch as soon as possible in order to avoid possible malicious attacks from hackers. 
windows 10 october update

One of Windows 10’s best canceled features might be making a comeback

For a brief testing period, a Windows Sets feature had allowed users to group certain tasks and open new instances of them in new tabs in any given window. The feature never made it to the final version of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but it might soon make a comeback.
windows 10 october update

Windows 10 update to fix Cortana bug breaks some users’ start menus

Another day, another Windows 10 update issue. The problem this time is that a fix rolled out for a Cortana bug has caused further issues of its own, by breaking the start menu of some users. Users have found that the update causes their start menu to stop working, with a critical error message.
Windows Hello authentication.

How to set up Windows Hello

From FaceID or the fingerprint and face scanners found on Android devices, physical text passwords are a thing of the past. But did you know that you can log in to your Windows 10 device the same way? With just a few simple steps you can log in to your computer or laptop using just your face or your finger. Here's how.
windows 10 april 2018 update next week spring

Despite changes by Microsoft, Windows 10 might still be remotely spying on you

Following a 2017 investigation by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, Microsoft made significant overhauls in its Windows 10 April 2018 Update to the way user telemetry data is collected. Despite the changes, the same watchdog agency is once again raising new concerns relating to Windows 10.
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Windows 10 tablet mode isn’t disappearing, but it’s now harder to find

Microsoft has announced the latest Windows 10 Insider build, which includes some changes to how a 2-in-1 hybrid laptop will deal with "tablet posture." When a keyboard is removed from the screen, such as on a Surface Pro, Windows will no longer prompt you to enter tablet mode as it currently does.

Hackers can easily watch your every move, control PCs with free NanoCore Trojan

You might want to make sure you're up and running with the latest version of Windows and your antivirus software. Researchers have discovered a very dangerous remote access trojan (RAT), which if your PC is not fully patched and updated, could leave even amateur hackers in complete control of your PC.
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Latest Windows 10 update is causing random reboots and can break Visual Basic

The latest update for Windows 10 includes patches against two critical vulnerabilities but is causing a string of issues including random reboots and failure to install. The update was made available on Tuesday this week. However, some users have run into problems when trying to apply the latest update.
windows 10 april 2019 update white theme

Windows 10 has two critical vulnerabilities; update now to avoid infection

If you're running any version of Windows 10, you should update your computer as soon as possible. Microsoft recently alerted users that it patched two critical remote code execution (RCE) "wormable" vulnerabilities, which could have allowed hackers to spread malware to PCs without your knowledge or any interaction. 
Windows 7 retirement

As end of support nears, Windows 7 users are finally moving to Windows 10

Statistics show that Windows 7 users could finally be moving away from the aging operating system in favor of Windows 10. In July 2019, Windows 7's market share of the personal computer market fell roughly 3.6% --- one of the largest drops in the history of the operating system. 
windows 10 april 2019 update white theme

Windows 10 upgrades are now delivered differently. Here’s why that matters

With the Windows 10 19H2 Update, Microsoft is making some big changes to the way major releases are rolled out. You'll still be seeing the latest versions of Windows through Windows Update, but under the hood, things work very differently. Here's an explanation of how things work, and how it will impact you. 
windows 10 april 2018 update next week spring

A new Cloud Download feature could change the way you reinstall Windows 10

Microsoft could be working on an internet recovery feature for Windows 10, according to a tweet from well-known leaker WalkingCat. Such a feature would make it much much easier to reinstall Windows in the event of operating system failure, eliminating the need to manually use a recovery image on a USB stick or DVD. 
Microsoft Cortana app screenshot

Microsoft is giving Cortana a long-needed chat-based overhaul

Microsoft is revealing a major face-lift to its Cortana digital assistant on Windows 10. With the release of the 20H1 update in early 2020, Cortana will feature a new chat-based UI and several other changes. Fast Ring Windows Insiders beta testers running build 18945 can enjoy the new experience.
Microsoft Surface laptop

An internal version of Windows 10 with a new Start menu gets released by mistake

Microsoft accidentally released an internal-only Windows 10 build to all Windows 10 testers with 32-bit systems. This build features a redesigned Start menu for both desktop and tablet modes. This build came from the technology company’s canary branch and is known as Build 18947.
Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 stock photo

Latest update to Windows 10 has a bug that could break VPN services

Microsoft has announced a bug in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update which could hamper the operation of virtual private networks (VPNs). The issue effects the Remote Access Connection Manager service, which is what Windows uses to manage connections to a VPN.
Microsoft Surface Book 2 13 Review

Amazon sale drops deals on Microsoft Surface laptops

Despite an increasingly crowded market, the sleek Microsoft Surface laptops have left their mark. Both the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Book 2 are discounted on Amazon right now, too, with deals that can save you up to $300.
Microsoft Surface Go Hands-on

Amazon cuts prices on Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface series is an excellent alternative to other tablets if you're a dedicated Windows user, and the superb Surface Pro 6 (our favorite 2-in-1) and its cheaper sibling, the Surface Go, are both on sale right now.
windows 10 october update

How to change the time in Windows 10

Do you need to change the time on your Windows computer? Sometimes travel, time zones or other issues can keep giving you the incorrect time on Windows 10. But there's an easy fix. Here's how to change the time in Windows 10 to anything that you like, and how to keep it from changing on its own.
windows 10 october update

The May 2019 update for Windows 10 is live. Here’s how to get your hands on it

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Windows 10 is getting a Linux kernel, starting with Insider builds this summer

A Linux kernel will be included in Windows 10 starting with summer 2019’s Insider builds. The kernel is expected to be included in the latest version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux and will initially be based on the most recent stable release of Linux, version 4.19.