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Laptop running Windows 10.

How to dual boot Windows 10 and Windows 11

If you want to try Windows 11 while still running Windows 10, then you can try out what's known as a Dual Boot. Here's how to do that.
Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

Windows 11 brings back another highly requested Taskbar feature

Microsoft is bringing back the weather widget initially introduced in Windows 10 to Windows 11, as well as adding a new voice access feature for the OS.
Microsoft Edge browser on a computer screen.

3 reasons why Microsoft Edge is better than Google Chrome

Microsoft's Edge browser is based on the same engine as Google Chrome, but these three features make the browser the better option.
Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

Is Windows 11 a success so far? New report reveals how many PCs have upgraded

Following a release in October, Microsoft's latest operating system update, Windows 11, has now been installed on nearly 10% of systems.
how to install windows 10 fonts

How to install fonts in Windows 11 and Windows 10

A new font can be a great way to spice up your PC projects. But you need to install them to use them. Here's how to install fonts in Windows 11 and Windows 10.
HEIC file to JPG conversion illustration.

How to convert HEIC to JPEG on a PC

You might need to convert HEIC to JPG because of the latter being the most common file format. Let's take a look at how to convert HEIC to JPG in Windows.
Microsoft Edge browser on a computer screen.

Microsoft Edge’s latest feature keeps you even more secure when browsing

A new Super Duper Secure Mode in Microsoft Edge helps improve your security and experience when browsing the web.
Google Chrome opened on a laptop.

Google Chrome has a secret feature to make it match Windows 11’s new design

The Google Chrome web browser has a special flag that makes the user interface match Windows 11's new look. Here's how to find it.
A person sitting at a desk, using a laptop.

Microsoft Edge courts holiday shoppers with price alerts and price history tools

Microsoft wants the Edge browser to be your home for holiday shopping with features like price change alerts and a price history tool.
Windows 10 refresh features.

Windows 11 hits more devices just as the Windows 10 November 2021 Update deploys

Microsoft is releasing the Windows 10 November 2021 Update, and is also increasing the pace of the Windows 11 free update rollout.
A person using a laptop that is running Windows 11.

This Windows 11 bug is preventing basic system applications from running

Microsoft has acknowledged a new Windows 11 issue causing some built-in applications such as the Snipping Tool to not work as expected.
Windows 10 refresh features.

Not ready for Windows 11? The Windows 10 November 2021 update is coming

For folks who are not yet ready for Windows 11, Microsoft is getting the Windows 10 November 2021 update prepared for release.
Surface with Windows 10

Microsoft seems to be pushing developers away from UWP Windows apps

Microsoft could be getting ready to move on from Windows past by moving developers away from the UWP apps.
Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

The 5 biggest problems with Windows 11 right now

Windows 11 brings many new features, but there are some big issues with the operating system, too. Here are five of those issues.
microsoft defender ccleaner unwanted application windows

Microsoft recommends you turn on this important Windows 11 security feature

Ransomware is a big issue, but Microsoft thinks it has a solution with its Tamper Protection feature. Here’s what you need to know about what it does.
Surface Laptop 2 Review

How to zoom in on Windows

Need to take a closer look at something on your Windows PC screen? We can show you how. Here's how to zoom in on Windows.
Laptop screen featuring a Windows update screen.

Updating to Windows 11 might break the Taskbar and Start Menu

There have been a few instances where updating to Windows 11 might end up breaking the Start Menu and Taskbar for some people.
A laptop running Microsoft Edge.

How to uninstall Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed with every Windows 10 device, but it doesn't suit everyone. Fortunately, uninstalling Edge is easy -- here is how to do it.
A person using a laptop that is running Windows 11.

This Windows 11 memory bug is exactly why I’m waiting to upgrade

Windows 11 is finally here, but it seems to come with an issue: A memory leak in File Explorer. But it turns out that Windows 10 has a similar problem.
The Type Cover and Surface Slim Pen 2 attached to the Surface Pro 8.

Why your PC might not get today’s Windows 11 update until mid-2022

Windows 11 hit general availability on October 5, but that doesn't mean that everyone has it ready for download just yet. Here's why.
Closeup on the Asus Vivobook Pro 16X OLED laptop's bezels and webcam.

How to access webcam settings in Windows

If you're using a webcam, you may want to tweak its settings for camera performance or privacy reasons. Here's how to access those webcam settings in Windows.
microsoft skype meetings office 365 feat

Skype lives on as Microsoft adds new features to take on Zoom and Google Meet

Microsoft is updating Skype with a set of new features designed to make the app faster, reliable, and more modern.
Ocean Plastic Mouse product image.

Microsoft’s new mouse is made of 20% resin pellets, recycled from ocean plastic

Microsoft just released the Ocean Plastic Mouse -- a mouse made of recycled plastic waste.
windows 10 may 2021 update how to install upate

3 easy ways to drastically improve your PC’s performance

If your PC is feeling slow, don't worry. There's more than one way to help speed it up. Here are three ways you can increase the performance in Windows.
The Windows 11 sunrise theme.

Windows 11 could expand one of the worst features of Windows 10

Pop-ups are already all over the place in Windows 10, and it looks like there may be even more of them due to the Tips app in Windows 11.
your microsoft account just went completely password less authenticator ios windows hello

Your Microsoft account just went completely password-free

Microsoft is moving to a password-less future by allowing you to remove the password from your Microsoft Account in favor of the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Xbox Windows 10 Remote Play

Windows 10 users can now directly stream Xbox games to their PC

Windows 10 PCs will now allow you to stream console games directly onto the computer using the Xbox App.
microsoft defender ccleaner unwanted application windows

Enable these 3 easy Windows settings to drastically improve your PC’s security

From ransomware and malware to viruses, a lot of things can go bad when you own a PC. Here are three settings you can change to improve security in Windows.
The design elements of Windows 11 in the Start Menu.

Windows 11 just took dark mode to the next level

Notification sounds in dark mode of Windows 11 will have a more subdued sound profile than the ones in light mode.
A video call in progress on Microsoft Teams.

Your Microsoft Teams messages can now get deleted if deemed ‘inappropriate’

Microsoft Teams administrators will soon be able to remove inappropriate content in messaging channels, though it's mainly designed for Teams for Education.
microsoft announces start microsodt

Microsoft Start is a new way for you to stay up to date on your news, interests

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Start, a new service designed to help you keep track of all of your interests online and via a mobile app.
A photo of the TikTok app running on a Windows 11 laptop

I downgraded from Windows 11 to Windows 10, and I don’t plan on going back

After living with all the new features and slick look of Windows 11 for months, I'm going back to Windows 10. Here's why.
Laptop screen featuring a Windows update screen.

Microsoft warns select Windows 11 beta testers to move back to Windows 10 now

If you've been beta testing Windows 11 on a device that's unsupported by Microsoft, then it's time to move back to Windows 10.
Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

Windows 11 general availability and free update set to start on October 5

Windows 11 has hit a new moment in its history, as Microsoft has announced the operating system will hit general availability on October 5.