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Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

Windows 11 general availability and free update set to start on October 5

Windows 11 has hit a new moment in its history, as Microsoft has announced the operating system will hit general availability on October 5.
How to turn on Bluetooth in Windows

How to turn on Bluetooth in Windows

It only takes a few quick steps to connect your Windows PC to a mouse, keyboard, or other accessory via Bluetooth. Here is how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows.
Laptop sitting on a desk showing Windows 11's built-in Microsoft Teams experience

Windows 10’s update screen will soon tell you if your PC supports Windows 11

The next version of Windows 10 could bring a nifty feature in Windows Update that lets you know if your PC can run Windows 11.
Laptop sitting on a desk showing Windows 11's built-in Microsoft Teams experience.

Microsoft fixes Windows 11 PC Health Check app, extends processor compatibility

Microsoft is bringing back the controversial Windows 11 PC Health Check app with some big changes to make sure there are no false positives.
A Dell XPS laptop sitting on a table.

How to speed up Windows

Is your Windows computer struggling to keep up? These tips will help speed up Windows, regardless of which version of Microsoft's popular OS you're running.
Laptop sitting on a desk showing Windows 11's built-in Microsoft Teams experience.

Survey results predict a surprisingly positive reception to Windows 11

A new survey reveals that nearly half of a set of polled Windows users might end up upgrading to Microsoft's new operating system.
Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse

Razer mice could give hackers wide-open local access to your Windows PC

Hackers can use a Razer Mouse to gain system privileges in Windows and abuse the command prompt or Powershell to take local control of PCs.
Alt + Tab on Windows 10.

Alt+Tab broken by Windows 10 update? Here’s how to fix it

A recent Windows 10 update is causing some issues with Alt + Tab on some PCs. Here's how to fix the problem before Microsoft does.
Laptop screen showing the Windows 11 Start Menu reverted to classic.

Windows 11 made a change to how default apps work — and people are upset

Microsoft has made setting default apps on Windows 11 an unnecessarily time-draining task.
Laptop running Windows 10.

Heading back to school? Change these laptop settings first

Here are five easy to ensure your Windows 10 machine is in great shape without spending a penny.
Laptop screen showing the Windows 11 Start Menu reverted to classic.

This app reverts controversial Windows 11 Start Menu back to classic form

Stardock recently announced the launch of Start11, which allows you to bring back the classic Start Menu to Windows 11.
Brother's L8360 is a great color laser printer for small offices.

This crucial Windows update finally fixes the PrintNightmare vulnerability

Microsoft has released yet another patch to correct issues with PrintNightmare by changing the default Point and Print driver installation and update behavior.
Windows 11 updates are moving to once a year.

The best Windows 11 feature? Here’s what developers and fans voted for

A new Microsoft Poll has revealed what the best Windows 11 feature is. The results might surprise you.
microsoft reveals preview of new windows 11 snipping tool 2

Microsoft reveals the brand new look of the Windows 11 Snipping Tool

Microsoft offers a tease of the new Snipping Tool in Windows 11, which has a brand new look and feel.
Cloud PC in Windows 365 open side by side in a web browser.

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Microsoft is bringing Windows online with Windows 365 Cloud PC. Here's a look at who it is for, how you can use it and, why you might want to.
A man playing games on the computer, wearing a headset.

Installing this crucial Windows 10 update fixes your frame rates in games

Microsoft just released a new Windows 10 update that contains gaming performance fixes. Here's how to install it on your computer.

PrintNightmare isn’t over, as Windows is hit with another printing vulnerability

A cybersecurity researcher has found yet another bug in the Windows Print Spooler, continuing the saga of PrintNightmare.
HP Laptop on table.

How to adjust display refresh rate in Windows

Need to change the refresh rate on your PC for stabilization or gaming? Windows provides the tools you need. Here's how to adjust refresh rate at any time.
Windows 11 on a tablet.

HiveNightmare is a nasty new Windows bug. Here’s how to protect yourself

A new flaw in Windows 10 and Windows 11 lets anyone take over your PC.
microsoft edge gets startup boost feature take on chrome new

New version of Microsoft Edge could save you from using bad passwords online

Microsoft Edge version 92 is bringing a new Password Health Dashboard that can help you determine the strength of your password or if it is leaked online.
Windows 11 updates are moving to once a year.

Windows 11 is cleaning up one of the messiest parts of Windows 10

In a big change from Windows 11, Microsoft is cleaning up the right-click menus in Windows 11 so you can accomplish common tasks more easily.
Android App running on a Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 is finally taking the Microsoft Store seriously

Microsoft has listed the new Edge Browser in the newly revamped Microsoft Store in Windows 11, showing it is getting serious with its apps.
Microsoft Edge browser open on a laptop.

Microsoft Edge to stop auto-playing videos by default

One of the pains of the internet is videos that autoplay on your webpage and Microsoft Edge version 92 will finally fix it by limiting it by default.
Xbox Series X expansion card in console.

This awesome Xbox gaming feature is coming to both Windows 11 and Windows 10

DirectStorage was originally announced as an exclusive feature for Windows 11. A recent blog post says that it's coming to Windows 10 machines, too.
A photo of the TikTok app running on a Windows 11 laptop

Sideloading Android apps in Windows 11 might be easier thanks to Amazon

You might still be able to sideload Android Apps in Windows 11 thanks to changes in the Amazon Appstore which will support the new Android App Bundle format.
Close up of Windows Hello on a PC.

Researchers disclose vulnerability in Windows Hello facial recognition

A new research report shows that hackers can get around Windows Hello by using a certain type of hardware and eventually gain access to your PC.
A gaming monitor sitting on a desk.

How to enable FreeSync on PC

AMD FreeSync can give you a tear-free gaming experience, but you need to know how to enable FreeSync to use it. In this guide, we show you how.
A digital depiction of a laptop being hacked by a hacker.

Microsoft warns Windows users of another unpatched printing vulnerability

Microsoft is raising awareness of a new, unpatched printing vulnerability in Windows 10, requiring physical access to a Windows PC for hackers to leverage.
best surface pro cases microsoft 6 review 3 2 1500x1000

Windows 10 21H2 will be the next big update to Windows 10

After a few weeks of rumors, Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10 21H2 as the next version of Windows 10, and the second update for the OS this year.
Surface with Windows 10

Happy sixth birthday, Windows 10: Looking at its past, present, and future

Windows 10 was released to manufacturing six years ago today, and it's been one big journey for Microsoft, helping shape where we are today with Windows 11.
Cloud PC in Windows 365 open side by side in a web browser.

Microsoft brings Windows to the cloud with Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft is bringing Windows to the cloud with Windows 365, a new service that uses the power of the Microsoft Cloud to bring Windows to more enterprise users.
Man wearing headphones and looking at monitor.

How to fix sound problems in Windows 10

Audio problems are a common complaint for Windows 10 users, but how do you fix them? Here are some of the most common issues and how to solve them.
The new windows 11 start menu.

Windows 11 now no longer lets you use the old Windows 10 Start Menu

The ability to revert back to the old Start Menu has been removed in the latest build of Windows 11.
Person sitting and holding Dell XPS 13 laptop on their lap.

Update your Windows PC now to fix this critical PrintNightmare security flaw

A serious security flaw known as Print Nightmare is impacting Windows, and Microsoft has issued a fix for it. Here's how you can update to stay safe.