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Clippy returns to Windows 11 as an emoji.

Microsoft’s Clippy finally lands on latest Windows 11 build as an emoji

What is old is now new again. The paperclip emoji is getting replaced on Windows 11 with an image of Microsoft's Clippy digital assistant.
Microsoft Edge browser on a computer screen.

Microsoft Edge’s latest feature keeps you even more secure when browsing

A new Super Duper Secure Mode in Microsoft Edge helps improve your security and experience when browsing the web.
microsoft failed with rt but qualcomm is doing windows on arm the right way snapdragon 8cx chip  back

A broader range of ARM-based PCs could be coming soon to take on Apple M1 Macs

A report indicates that Qualcomm's exclusive Windows on ARM contract could be expiring soon, meaning newer ARM-based PCs could be on the way.
Windows 7 wallpaper full version.

This popular photo-editing app will no longer work on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

The popular app Paint.Net is dropping support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, the developer announced in a recent changelog.
The back lid of the MacBook Pro.

How to run Windows 11 on a Mac

It's really easy to run Windows 11 on a Mac via virtualization through Parallels. Here's how to do it.
One of the wallpapers from the Windows 11 sunset theme.

Microsoft is working on new updates to make Windows 11 faster next year

Microsoft is promising some big updates in 2022 that will help solve Windows 11 bugs that affect the operating system's performance.
Windows 11 blue error crash screen.

New Windows 11 bug leaves some apps unable to update or repair

Microsoft has acknowledged a new Windows 11 bug where some apps are unable to be updated or repaired.
Google Chrome opened on a laptop.

Google Chrome has a secret feature to make it match Windows 11’s new design

The Google Chrome web browser has a special flag that makes the user interface match Windows 11's new look. Here's how to find it.
A person sitting at a desk, using a laptop.

Microsoft Edge courts holiday shoppers with price alerts and price history tools

Microsoft wants the Edge browser to be your home for holiday shopping with features like price change alerts and a price history tool.
Windows 11 blue error crash screen.

Windows 11 brings back a familiar ‘friend’ to accompany your PC crashing

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be changing the color of the new black screen of death (BSOD) in Windows 11 back to the original blue.
Media Player inside Windows 11.

The rumors were true: Windows 11 is getting a beautiful new media player

Microsoft is testing a beautifully redesigned Media Player in Windows 11 so that watching multimedia content is more enjoyable.
Windows 10 refresh features.

Windows 11 hits more devices just as the Windows 10 November 2021 Update deploys

Microsoft is releasing the Windows 10 November 2021 Update, and is also increasing the pace of the Windows 11 free update rollout.
Empty folders on Windows 11.

Windows 11 is blocking an app that lets you switch browsers to Google Chrome

Microsoft has blocked an app providing users with a workaround to a URL scheme that forced them to use its Edge browser instead of others like Google Chrome.
surface laptop se windows 11 take on chromebooks  1

Microsoft takes on Chromebooks with $249 Surface Laptop SE and Windows 11 SE

Microsoft just announced Windows 11 SE and Surface Laptop SE. With these. the company is looking to dethrone Chromebooks as the educational platform of choice.
Android App running on a Windows 11 PC

You can now install any Android app on Windows 11 with a single click

A new utility, called WSATools, makes it easy for Windows Insiders to sideload any Android app on Windows 11, and you can download it now.
A person using a laptop that is running Windows 11.

This Windows 11 bug is preventing basic system applications from running

Microsoft has acknowledged a new Windows 11 issue causing some built-in applications such as the Snipping Tool to not work as expected.
Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

Windows 11 just added a highly requested new feature to the taskbar

Microsoft is making it easy for you to mute your microphone in Windows 11 with a new mute icon in the taskbar.
Windows 11 on a tablet.

Another new Windows 11 bug is slowing down people’s workflows

In Windows 11's latest bug, the context menus in File Explorer might be a little slow to open.
Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED hero shot.

The Asus Vivobook 13 Slate is a Surface competitor with a killer OLED screen

Asus unveiled a new OLED tablet aimed squarely at artists and creative professionals. It also has a really long name.
Empty folders on Windows 11.

The latest Windows 11 bug results in thousands of empty folders

Windows 11 inherited an annoying issue from Windows 10 that creates hundreds of thousands of empty folders deep on your hard drive.
Windows 11 is displayed on a laptop screen. The laptop is on a desk flanked by a task lamp and vase with flowers.

Flouting Microsoft’s rules, man gets Windows 11 to work on a 15-year-old PC

Microsoft initially stated that Windows 11 will have hefty hardware requirements, but a Twitter user proved that Windows 11 can run on a 15-year old PC.
A photo of the TikTok app running on a Windows 11 laptop

Why using Android apps in Windows 11 is still a pipe dream

Microsoft finally launched Android apps in Windows 11 in beta, but the experience has a long way to go before becoming perfect.
Android App running on a Windows 11 PC

The best Android apps you can download now for Windows 11

It's now possible to run Android apps in Windows 11 via the Amazon App Store. Here are some of our favorite apps that you can use today.
microsoft surface laptop go review featured image

Microsoft’s next Surface device could tackle Chromebooks directly

Microsoft could be taking on Chromebooks by launching an 11-inch Surface device. The product is code-named Tenjin.
Android Apps on Windows 11

I installed Android apps on a Surface Pro 8, and it felt on par with an iPad

I used Android apps on my Surface Pro 8 in Windows 11, and the experience was a game changer, finally making the device a better tablet.
AMD Ryzen 5000 with no lid.

Download AMD’s new driver now to fix a major Windows 11 bug

AMD just posted a chipset driver update that fixes a performance bug that has been plaguing Windows 11 since it released, and you can download it now.
Android App running on a Windows 11 PC

Windows 11’s much-anticipated Android Apps integration finally arrives in beta

Microsoft has finally delivered on one of the most hotly-anticipated Windows 11 features. Android apps in Windows 11 are now in beta.
A photo of the TikTok app running on a Windows 11 laptop

We just got a preview of what Android apps on Windows 11 will look like

Amongst other features, Windows 11 was rumored to support Android apps, but it was launched without it. Leaked screenshots show what this feature may look like.
Surface with Windows 10

Microsoft seems to be pushing developers away from UWP Windows apps

Microsoft could be getting ready to move on from Windows past by moving developers away from the UWP apps.
Windows 11 update page.

Unsupported Windows 11 installs are getting updates after all

After weeks of Microsoft suggesting otherwise, we were able to download the first Windows 11 update on an unsupported PC -- and you can, too.
Unsupported Windows 11 waiver.

The first Windows 11 update makes a major performance issue even worse

Microsoft has released the first patch for Windows 11, but it hasn't fixed a big problem with AMD chips. In fact, the patch may have made the issue worse.
Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

The 5 biggest problems with Windows 11 right now

Windows 11 brings many new features, but there are some big issues with the operating system, too. Here are five of those issues.
microsoft defender ccleaner unwanted application windows

Microsoft recommends you turn on this important Windows 11 security feature

Ransomware is a big issue, but Microsoft thinks it has a solution with its Tamper Protection feature. Here’s what you need to know about what it does.
Laptop screen featuring a Windows update screen.

Updating to Windows 11 might break the Taskbar and Start Menu

There have been a few instances where updating to Windows 11 might end up breaking the Start Menu and Taskbar for some people.