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Say hi to Daisy, an Apple-made robot that recycles old iPhones

Apple has set itself recycling targets with its tech products, and to help meet them, it's employing the services of Daisy. The robot can take apart 200 iPhones an hour, salvaging reusable parts and components.
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Robot chefs are the focus of new Sony and Carnegie Mellon research

Sony and Carnegie Mellon University want to make robots that'll cook your dinner for you. Food preparation tasks are complex and varied, so the resulting tech could eventually be applied to a wide range of industries.
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By assembling Ikea chairs, robots steal the one job we never wanted

Researchers have demonstrated how a pair of robot arms can be used to assemble a flat-packed Ikea chair in minutes. Best of all? They can do it without having a massive argument, too.

Lexus LS may get plug-in hybrid, EV, and hydrogen fuel cell variants

The latest and greatest 2018 Lexus LS could receive a plug-in hybrid, an all-electric, and potentially even a hydrogen fuel cell variant in the span of its current generation over the next few years.
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Low-cost Ghost AR headset promises MacOS multitasking on steroids

Ghost is a more affordable augmented reality (AR) headset allows you to create infinite MacOS windows that hover around you in virtual space. Get ready to take multitasking to the next level!
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Mylo vegetarian leather grows from mushroom roots in days

Bolt Thread's Mylo vegetarian leather grows from mushroom root networks in days without the environmentally harmful gases cattle produce for years until harvested for their meat and hides.
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Rock stars wear them, and so should you: A review of earplugs for concertgoers

We tried out a range of universal earplugs designed specifically for musicians and live music listeners. There are a few different approaches manufacturers take to attenuate dBs without distorting sounds. Here’s our non-exhaustive look at…
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A sensor-packed exosuit lets you fly a drone by pretending to be one

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a smart superhero-style exosuit which allows users to pilot a drone by pretending to be one. Let's just hope you're not too shy to use it in public!
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Blue Origin is working on the BE-4, a rocket engine that can launch 100 missions

Blue Origin, the rocket company founded by Jeff Bezos, announced that its new rocket engine would have the capacity to launch "100 full missions," as per CEO Bob Smith. The BE-4 should soon be ready to launch.
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From monkey selfies to Intel allergies, here are the 7 weirdest tech lawsuits ever

When technology meets the legal system, things can get pretty weird. From monkey selfies to the evils of autocomplete, here are seven of the strangest tech-themed lawsuits in history.

Make yourself a better drone pilot with these handy mobile apps

Of course you want the best drone apps for your personal drone. Whether you're checking the weather, inputting an automated flight, capturing the perfect half-pipe run from above, these are the apps you need.

This chessboard isn’t haunted, it just moves the pieces on its own

Chess player? Having trouble finding opponents? If chess apps don't cut it for you, Square Off is a smart chess board that lets you interact with a physical board, while connecting you with millions of players around the world.