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Digital Trends Live: More PS5 specs, Steam’s Game Festival, COVID-19 updates

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler talks about the biggest stories in tech, including the laetest coronavirus updates, more PlayStation 5 specs, Steam’s Game Festival, a SpaceX/NASA team-up, entertainment news, and more.

Then Nibler takes a deeper look into the growing effects of the coronavirus on the tech industry at large, from working at home, to travel restrictions, to being able to continue to produce hardware and software when supply chains are disrupted.

Andreas Widy

Andreas Widy, chief executive officer of Navatics Technology Ltd., discusses how underwater drones can help us explore the last frontier on Earth: The ocean.

DT Senior Editor Caleb Denison than joins the program to discuss the current environment of streaming entertainment with so many people staying at home, and how ISPs are removing data caps so customers can stream and use data to their hearts’ content.

Finally, we take a look at the effects of the coronavirus on Hollywood with our Reel News segment, where Erin Keeney joins Nibler to talk about theater closures, production delays, shuffled release schedules, and the ripple effect of the virus throughout the industry.

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