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KGI: Apple to show iPhone 8 this fall, but no phones in stores until later

More to speculate about the iPhone 8

Typically reliable Apple secrets leaker KGI Securities is saying that the new iPhone 8, or iPhone Edition, will indeed make the stage at Apple’s big event in September, and once the dog and pony show is over, Apple fans around the world can start to fight over the 17 phones Apple will have ready for sale that week. OK, maybe there will be more than that – or, maybe there won’t be any at all, at least right away.

KGI and other Apple watchers are saying that due to numerous factors, the 10th Anniversary super-iPhone, whatever it ends up being called, likely won’t go up for sale at the same time the rumored 7S and 7S Plus models hit Apple Store shelves. Stories of problems with the sub-screen touch sensor, design execution issues and other problems may delay the rollout, but probably won’t dent demand. Remember, Apple already ordered 95 million OLED screens for the phone.

Pushing Bixby’s (and Samsung’s) buttons

Speaking of new smartphones, it seems Samsung’s new A-I digital assistant Bixby is getting a somewhat cool reception from both reviewers and users. OK, so it isn’t Siri – or Cortana, or even HAL, but it does have its own button on the phone, which developer Dave Bennet thinks could be put to better use, even if Samsung doesn’t agree.

He’s cobbled together a little app called BixRemap, which, for the moment, lets you assign some other function to the button, such as… maybe launching Google Assistant. Ouch. Hit the link for instructions on how to use it on your new Galaxy S8.

Come fly with me (and bring your wetsuit)

Like many of us, Google cofounder Larry Page is wondering why we aren’t all buzzing around in flying cars these days.

Unlike you and I, Larry Page is a multi-billionaire, so instead of just dreaming about it, he’s backing two companies that are actually trying to make flying cars, and now there’s a peek at a prototype of one of the flying machines in action. First thing you might notice: it’s not a car. At all. No, it’s more of a boatie-quadcopter thing, with floats, and it takes off from water. So far it looks like it only flies a few yards above the surface, but hey, flyin’ is flyin,’ and it does look like it could be fun.

It’s called the Flyer and while this machine is still a prototype, Pages’ Kitty Hawk says a ready-for market consumer model will be out by the end of the year. The FAA classifies it as an ultralight, and you don’t need a pilot’s license to fly it. However, we might recommend some snorkeling gear.

No price has been set of course, and we’d wager it’ll be a touch more spendy than a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Still: it’s you, flying around. Now add some wheels, Larry.

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