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Digital Trends Live: Day Three highlights from the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit

Greg Nibler and Riley Winn are on-location in Maui, Hawaii, for Day Three of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, where they take a look at the biggest announcements, news, and hottest developments from the world of 5G. As the world heads toward the freedom, speed, and connectivity that a true 5G network will bring, Qualcomm is on the leading edge of innovation that will enable users all over the world to experience the reality of a true Internet of Things. For the highlights of Day One, head here. For highlights of Day Two, click here.

Nibler and Winn have compiled the best highlights from the third day of the summit and have boiled down the biggest news from the day with their Top 5 takeaways.

No. 1: Qualcomm’s new XR2 5G chips

Qualcomm’s new XR2 5G chip is set to unleash a new standard for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. From smart glasses to AR games, the new chips from Qualcomm, coupled with the speed and processing power of 5G, will open a whole new world of communication possibilities.

No. 2: Virtual reality unleashed

As we mentioned, the Qualcomm XR2 5G chips are set to unleash technology like virtual reality in a way we’ve never experienced. From real-time updates during VR experiences to the bandwidth needed to create truly immersive experiences to VR glasses with up to seven cameras, the promise of 5G and fast gaming will finally enter the mainstream.

No. 3: Better augmented reality is on its way

With the rise of chips and processing that can handle 5G data finally making it to market, augmented reality is also going to change the way we see the world around us. No longer just for silly games, AR will be used by professionals from utility line workers to auto mechanics to make their work safer, more efficient, and less expensive.

No. 4: Bring out the holograms

Companies are now using 5G to bring people together via holographic images, regardless of the hardware a person has. From phones to headsets, the future of business communications and meetings will no longer be restricted by space or access to a specific technology; it can all be handled with 5G.

No. 5: 5G makes mobile computing possible

Having a 5G connection on your laptop means you get all the rapid data, incredibly fast processing, and instant connection you would get from a huge desktop PC, right into your laptop. There will be no longer a need to spend thousands of dollars of a huge desktop work station, but instead a few hundred dollars on a 5G laptop. It will all be easier and faster in the world of 5G.

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