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4 retailers that’ll have better deals than Amazon on Prime Day

Prime Day graphic with multiple products.

Prime Day is coming with the big event happening July 12 and July 13. That means you need to hit the Prime Day deals for the best offers, right? Well, not exactly. While Amazon Prime Day is a good option for finding a wide variety of deals, if you’re looking for something more specific, certain other retailers offer better prices.

After all, Prime Day is no longer just a sales event for Amazon, as many other retailers also offer their own sales around the same time to tempt you their way. It’s useful to know which retailer specializes in which area so we’re here with a rundown of what to expect and which retailers will have better deals than Amazon on Prime Day, and why.

Best Buy for TVs

The LG 55-inch C1 OLED TV hangs on the wall in a living room.

Prime Day TV deals are definitely worth checking out. In particular, Amazon tends to heavily discount its Fire TV range of TVs. These TVs don’t often provide the best picture quality but they do offer a useful set of features that make them an ideal addition for your kitchen, bedroom, or even the kids’ bedroom. However, when it comes to the best TV deals, you need to head to Best Buy.

Best Buy always offers a wide variety of different TVs and tends to heavily discount a lot of them during sales events. By heading to Best Buy, you’ll have extensive choice. These days, your options depend on your budget. For instance, you may wish to upgrade to an OLED panel with the best quality possible, or you may want to try QLED and enjoy a superior picture quality to regular 4K images.

Buying at Best Buy also gives you the advantage that in many cases, you can order online before picking up in-store, meaning you get your TV faster than relying on it being delivered to your house.

Target for furniture

Amazon tends to focus on smart home equipment and all kinds of technology, rather than traditional things for your home like furniture. While you may see a few Prime Day deals for furniture, a far better place to check out is Target. The popular bricks-and-mortar store has a strong online presence with regular sales, and we can’t see that changing around Prime Day.

Whether you need furniture for your living room, nursery, bedroom, or any other part of your home, Target is going to offer the best prices as well as the most extensive range of furniture options.

Walmart for home essentials

Walmart has been a popular option for home essentials for years, and guess what? It’s still the best choice for home essential sales, especially compared to Amazon. These household essentials are the things that keep life ticking along nicely, even if they’re not the most exciting of purchases to make.

Count on grabbing great deals on paper napkins, disposable cups and plates, as well as laundry supplies, cleaning items, and anything else that makes life go smoother. By buying in bulk at a time like this, you’ll save plenty over time plus not have to worry about stocking up for a while to come.

Nectar for mattresses & pillows

A Nectar mattress sits on a bed frame in a bedroom.

Mattress sales are not Amazon’s strength by any means. Instead, Nectar is a great option. Its range of mattresses offers a superior night’s sleep compared to the competition with deals often bundling in free accessories such as a sheet set or cooling pillow.

Nectar has a range of different mattresses so there’s something for every taste and budget here. It’s a similar story when it comes to pillows and bedding, too, with the general focus being on comfort and keeping you cool at night.

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