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Best gifts for Android lovers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday might still be a ways off, but right now is the time to start, or even finish, your holiday shopping. There are fantastic deals on all kinds of tech, especially if you’re a fan of Android. We’ve collected some amazing deals on everything from stocking stuffers like USB-C charging cords to premium gifts like noise-canceling true wireless earbuds and mini projectors. Check them out!

Anker PowerDrive 2 Car Charger — $10

Anker makes some of the best, most versatile charging devices and they weren’t about to forget about your car. The PowerDrive 2 charger fits into a standard power slot in any vehicle and is super compact to take up as little room as possible on your car dashboard or armrest. It accommodates two USB-A ports to supply your devices with a combined 24W, which means it can give a full-speed charge to two standard phones at once. It’s made of an attractive, scratch-resistant alloy surface to complement your car’s interior, and constructed from premium components to give you the fastest, more complete charge, and remain durable, too.

AmazonBasics Braided USB-C Charging Cable — $18

All of your fabulous gadgets are utterly useless if they’re not charged, but there are more ways than ever to get juice into your tech. This nylon cord from AmazonBasics is tough, reliable, and best of all, long. Its 10-foot length can reach across most rooms, allowing you to stay charged and giving you plenty of mobility while you charge up (there’s nothing worse than not being able to use a device while charging it). Moreover, it’s USB-C to USB-C, so that regardless if you’re charging a smartphone or transferring data, you can do it at lightning-fast speeds. And the double-braided nylon material means it’s resistant to both tangles, and damage.

Arteck Ultra Slim Bluetooth keyboard — $18, was $20

As many people love the iPad, no one is really in love with the on-screen keyboard. At a time when many of us are using tablets as a supplementary laptop, or to replace our laptops altogether, having a great keyboard to go with our tablets is essential. And it’s even better if it’s wireless. This one has amazing compatibility, working with your tablet’s Android OS, as well as MacOS and Windows operating systems. You can connect it to any iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Nexus. It only needs two AAA batteries, is light and portable, and hotkeys that can be customized for any iPad (including volume and brightness).

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charging Pad & Stand Bundle — $24, was $30

Your charging options are increasing all the time. And that includes wireless chargers that take away the necessity of plugging in your phone. What’s great about this bundle, on top of the fantastic price, is you get the option to charge your device by laying it on the pad or placing it upright in the stand. Both present easy ways to keep viewing your screen and utilizing your device while charging. These wireless chargers work with a wide range of devices, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxies or Notes. And they charge fast, using up to 10W of power.

RAVPower 20,000mAh Portable Charger — $34 was $40

Another fantastic charging option, the RAVPower Bank is a beast and can keep your Android devices going for days. It’s got an impressive 20,000mAh, which can recharge your phone or tablet more than once. And it has a strong 18W PD and QC output for the speediest charges. Its smart LED system lets you know exactly how much battery charge is left, and it’s ultra-compatible, working with almost any USB-powered devices, like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and earphones. Not only can it charge almost anything, but it can be charged by almost any kind of recent USB cable. On top of all this, it is designed to prevent surges, so you can charge with peace of mind.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer — $80, was $130

Instant photos! The HP Sprocket Photo Printer will print 2 by 3-inch photos directly from your smartphone or tablet using the app by the same name. The printer works with both Android and iOS — all you need is a Bluetooth connection. And it works with multiple devices at the same time, so it can be a photo printing party with your friends. It’s super compatible too. It works with devices that have Android 5 and later or iOS 10 and later. The Sprocket is also roughly the size of a smartphone and weighs a mere 6 ounces, so it will fit just about anywhere — in your pocket, a purse, in a backpack, no sweat. The accompanying mobile app even allows you to customize your photos before you print, letting you make the most of HP’s 10-sheet packs.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer — $80

Has there ever been a better time to have a phone accessory that not only charges your phone but can kill germs at the same time? If this sounds ideal, the PhoneSoap 3 might be for you. Just like the name says, this device cleans your phone, but it also keeps it full of juice. Designed to fit in almost anywhere you need it — on your nightstand, in the kitchen, on the dashboard, or at the office — the unit’s 360-degree disinfection takes just 10 minutes. PhoneSoap 3.0 was designed for smartphones, but you can use it to sanitize other small objects like phone cases, keys, and credit cards. It comes in a variety of pleasing colors to fit your space. It’s a device made for our times!

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Bluetooth Speaker— $200

A great speaker if you’re looking for a balance of great sound quality, durability (important when everywhere is becoming your “home gym” or “home office”), and battery life. It’s a little pricier than many Bluetooth speakers, but it’s guaranteed to last and the sound is top-notch. Like most Bluetooth speakers, the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 has extras like an onboard speakerphone and a charging port for your phone. It is built with soft, but very tough exterior materials that allow this speaker to stand up to the knocks of outdoor life. But get this, this tough little monster has a class-leading wireless range of up to 100 feet. The best part: The battery lasts for up to 20 hours. That’s an entire day of partying, music, podcasts, and more.

Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds — $228

The Sony WF-1000XM3 truly wireless noise-canceling earbuds are very well regarded in the field thanks to their advanced HD noise-canceling processor ensuring that all distracting background noise is blocked out so you can focus on your work or studies. On a full charge, you can enjoy 6 hours of power with the charging case offering a further three charges before you need to find a power source. That’s 24 hours of enjoying your music with minimal hassle! When you do run low on power, a 10-minute quick charge in the charging case will provide you with up to 90 minutes of playtime so you can get back to enjoying your favorite tracks fast. Google Assistant support and  Alexa compatibility are built in, making the whole experience all the more convenient — control your world while you work, work out, or just chill with your music.

Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Projector — $300, was $350

One of the reasons the Anker Nebula is such a smart buy is because it ticks all the boxes for portable entertainment. You can have a theater-quality picture in your home or in your backyard — anywhere, really. You’ll get crisp, vivid pictures at 720p with the same digital light processing technology that is used in movie theaters. It projects up to 100 inches corner-to-corner in low-light conditions with 200 ANSI lumens and uses an autofocus feature to help ensure the best possible picture. One of the best aspects of this projector is the addition of speakers, so it really is an all-in-one device. And it’s designed to work seamlessly with Android. The Anker Nebula Capsule runs on Android TV and Chromecast, giving you thousands of potential apps to explore. You have an HDMI connection as well as a USB and wireless connection through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so it’s compatibility is tops, too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS) — $400

Here, a smartwatch meets smart style. Forget the chunky, clunky way-too-square appearance of most smartwatches and sign on to something more classic and sophisticated that compromises on exactly none of the features you’ve come to expect — the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It features a round, 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 360 x 360-pixel resolution, along with more than 50,000 watch faces to choose from. The buttons are placed so you won’t smudge the screen. It is powered by Samsung’s speedy Tizen OS and comes with multiple health functions for monitoring the wearer’s heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleeping patterns, as well as fall detection. There are more than 120 home workout programs. Also, the battery lasts for more than a day on a single charge.

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