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Amazon discounts up to $186 off the Bose QuietComfort 25 and 35 II ANC headphones

You’re probably wondering why headphones with active noise-cancellation are expensive. That’s because this technology, which involves the reduction of unwanted sound by the inclusion of a second sound designed to cancel the first, is incredibly complex and difficult to perfect. Bose, one of the leading makers of audio equipment in the world, has mastered this innovation in many of its noise-canceling headphones. In fact, the company had collaborated with NASA to design aviation headsets that help prevent astronaut hearing damage. Two of its bestselling headphones with ANC, the wired QuietComfort 25 and the wireless QuietComfort 35 II, are currently available on Amazon at exciting discounted prices.

Bose QuietComfort 25 — $159

The QuietComfort 25 headphones are engineered to dramatically reduce background noise, even the roar of an airplane engine during air travel. Virtually all types of noises get canceled out, including crowd hubbub, the hum of air conditioning, and more. When turned on, people speaking to you will sound like they are coming from a tiny radio; when music is playing, you cannot hear them at all.

The headphones are ergonomically designed to be easily folded and to take everywhere, plus they are super light. The QuietComfort 25 are made of plastic and other materials that offer a luxurious feel. The headband features fabric, including woven material on the exterior and pseudo-suede on the interior. The construction feels solid and the headphones clamp closely to the head but never squeeze. The padding feels comfortable for wearing for long periods of time and adds an extra level of noise reduction.

Performance-wise, the headphones deliver sounds that are crisp and clear through Bose’s Active EQ and TriPort technology. They pump out bass that resoundingly brings drumbeats to life, adds a level of depth to guitars and acoustic instruments, and makes highs sound nicer to eardrums.

The QuietComfort 25 is equipped with an inline microphone/remote that puts music and call controls at your fingertips. The control buttons are compatible with iOS and most Android smartphones.

The Bose QuietComfort 25 normally comes with a hefty $345 price tag, but you can get them on Amazon today for $159– that’s a whopping $186 less. What’s more, you can get an additional $50 off instantly upon approval for the Amazon Reward’s Visa card, reducing the price further to just $147. Unfortunately, these are wired headphones, which might be a dealbreaker for most people. For a wireless option, check out the QuietComfort 35 II below.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II — $290

The QuietComfort 35 II, or QC35 II for short, is one of our favorite noise-canceling headphones for 2019, receiving a solid 4 out of 5 stars rating in our review earlier this year. Out of the box, you’ll immediately see that these are well-crafted headphones. The earcups are encased in supple leather and the headband has microfiber padding. They’re very lightweight and fit on the head quite comfortably; wearing them for long periods of time won’t be an issue. You’ll find the control buttons beneath the right earcup, alongside a USB Type-C charging port and, thankfully, a headphone jack. Buttons include the standards: Volume control, play/pause, track advance or reverse. There’s also one that calls up either Alexa or Google Assistant for voice-activated command. The QC35 II also comes with a zip-locked protective case so they’ll remain scratch-free during travel.

These headphones’ noise-canceling prowess is amazing. It comes in three settings: Low, medium, and high. Obviously, if you still want to hear a bit of what’s happening around you, you can set these at low. To become completely oblivious to the world for total music immersion, crank it up to high. The thunderous roar of plane engines can be completely eradicated, so other quieter sounds don’t stand a chance. These headphones are also outfitted with a noise-rejecting dual-mic system that ensures noise-free phone calls regardless of how loud your surroundings are. Bluetooth connectivity is also pretty impressive. The QC35 II can pair with multiple devices simultaneously.

As far as sound quality goes, the QC35 II is excellent. Music sounds great, with punchy bass, adequate midrange presence, and zesty treble. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better sounding pair of cans for the price. Unfortunately, some of the music’s richness and subtleties get lost when the noise-cancellation is at its highest setting, but it’s not enough to ruin your listening experience.

These cans’ battery life is tremendous, capable of lasting up to 20 hours when used wirelessly with noise-canceling on — and an even more impressive 40 hours when wired. Perfect for frequent flyers who travel long distances, the QuietComfort 35 II headphones are currently available on Amazon for $290 instead of their usual retail price of $309. To make the deal even more irresistible, you can enjoy an additional $50 off instantly when you pay via the Amazon Reward’s Visa card if it gets approved, bringing the price even lower to $220.

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