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Best Buy drops delectable microwave oven deals for Cyber Monday

A microwave oven is one of the most important devices in any kitchen. From reheating leftovers to popping delicious popcorn and melting cheese, it makes preparing and cooking a wide range of recipes faster and easier.

If you’ve missed the chance to score brand-name ovens at Black Friday prices, don’t fret. Cyber Monday is offering its own lineup of spectacular discounts on an array of kitchen devices, and countertop microwave ovens are no exception. We’ve scoured Best Buy and found highly rated options from Samsung, Whirlpool, and LG that are discounted by up to $70.

LG Family-Size Microwave Oven — $170 (was $240)

Eliminate the guesswork in cooking with this LG microwave oven. This model uses a humidity-sensing technology that determines when the food is cooked and then automatically turns off the microwave, which helps prevent meals from getting over- or the under-cooked. It’s also equipped with a smart inverter that provides even heat distribution, efficiently avoiding cold centers and overcooked edges. All these features add up to deliver better results, whether you are cooking or thawing.

With a bright LED lighting, this LG microwave oven makes it easy for you to monitor the progress of the food all while offering solid energy efficiency. It also has SmoothTouch glass controls for convenient operation, an antibacterial coating that removes the need for scrubbing or chemicals when cleaning, and a hexagonal ring that prevents the items on the turntable from tipping. Instant Cook programs – such as popcorn, kids’ meals, and snacks — are available as well for one-touch cooking.

Normally selling for $240, this LG microwave oven can be yours for only $170 this Cyber Monday.

Samsung Microwave Oven with Grilling Element — $160 (was $210)

From cooking frozen meals to heating coffee, soup, and leftovers, this Samsung oven can do it all in a snap. It can also automatically figure out the cooking time and power level required to defrost when you enter the weight of your food. The big bonus? It comes with a PowerGrill element that keeps food crispy, so you don’t have to compromise texture and flavor for convenience.

1.1 cubic feet in size, this Samsung microwave oven is large enough to cook meals for one to two persons. It’s also outfitted with simple cooking controls to make heating up food fast as well as an LED display which offers a clear view of the available settings. Cleaning it is a breeze, thanks to the durable scratch-resistant ceramic interior that allows grease and oil to be wiped away with ease.

Don’t pass up the chance to bring home this Samsung countertop microwave at a discounted price of $160 when you order on Best Buy.

Whirlpool Microwave Oven — $210 (was $250)

This Whirlpool oven boasts 1,200 watts of powerful microwave cooking that allows it to defrost, cook, and reheat your favorite food and beverages in an even and quick manner. It uses a sensor cook technology that can automatically adjust the cooking time and figure out when the food is ready. What’s more, it’s equipped with a variety of preloaded programs for optimal cooking or heating of a wide range of food, including beverages, popcorn, potato, soup, and pizza.

With an included turntable, this oven ensures even heat distribution on your dishes. It also has a control lockout that locks the oven and disables the control panel, preventing accidental activation for your further peace of mind. Other features include the LED display for a clear view of the settings, plus electronic controls for quick and easy operation.

Order this Whirlpool microwave oven for only $210 when you take advantage of Best Buy’s Cyber Monday deal.

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