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Amazon sweeps 42% off on the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is officially in full swing. The retail giant is offering thousands of tech deals on smart home devices. If you are searching for powerful vacuums you can use to clean your pet’s hair from carpets and hard floorings, you just found it. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner is currently discounted by a stunning $252 off its original price of $599. Only for Prime Day, you can have it for as low as $347.

Having pets makes a home more lively and fun to live in. In fact, they are our stress relievers. But, their constant shedding on the carpets, on the couch, and on the hard floors is a different story. Cleaning those will indeed be stressful if you don’t have the right equipment. Engineered for homes with pets, the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner will dig out that hair everywhere your pet gets.

Compared to other pet vacuums offered by Dyson, the Ball Animal 2 is deemed one of the strongest pet vacuums for sucking up pet hair and dander. It was specially crafted to be powerful enough to assist you with all the tough cleaning duties throughout the house.

It has lots of extra tools, as well, allowing it to serve as a total cleaning solution. The wand and hose can seize spots in tough-to-reach areas, making it effortless for you to clean up dust and dirt on high shelves, vacuum beneath furniture, and touch every corner inside the house.

Dyson has a reputation for making some of the best vacuum models when it comes to catching pet hair, and the Ball Animal 2 lives up to that renown. This vacuum is not cordless, though, and some may wish to take that into consideration. Nonetheless, the cord measures 35 feet in length and combining that with the powerful self-adjusting cleaner head will allow you to avoid getting tangled up with your furniture.

When your vacuum cleaning is all done, simply push the button to release the gathered animal hair. The HEPA filter makes sure that the bacteria and hair stay within the ball so it will not go back to your house.

Don’t let this golden opportunity from Amazon Prime Day pass by and take home the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner for an incredible price of $347 instead of $599. That’s an awesome 42% off.

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