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Is a projector better than a giant TV? With this deal it might be

If you’re looking to upgrade your home cinema setup, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Most notably, do you need a giant TV or would a projector work out better for you? We’ve got some insights into the advantages of a projector because right now is a great time to buy one. That’s because you can buy an Epson Home Cinema 880 1080p projector at Best Buy for just $500, a saving of $100. It’s an excellent time to see just why projectors are such a good deal for many home cinema enthusiasts. Read on while we explain all when it comes to deciphering the pros and cons of a giant TV or a projector.

Simply put, one of the joys of snapping up one of the best home theater projectors is that you’re one step closer to achieving theater-level picture quality at home. That’s the dream for movie fans, right? If you’ve got the wall space, it’s truly appealing to go with a projector over a giant TV.

Size-wise, you simply can’t beat a projector. While large TVs are getting cheaper by the day, a solid projector is still better value and far more cost-effective. However, when it comes to brightness and contrast levels, a TV is generally a better proposition so it all depends on where your priorities lie. It’s a smart move to check out the differences between projectors and TVs before you hit the buy button but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

When it comes to the Epson Home Cinema 880 1080p projector, you won’t have to worry about brightness and vibrancy. That’s because the projector offers 3,300 lumens of color and white brightness which is great for this price. While it doesn’t offer 4K resolutions, it does offer a great 1080p picture which is more than good enough if you plan on hooking up a Blu-ray player or games console via its HDMI input.

The Epson Home Cinema 880 1080p projector is also very portable because it only weighs just under 6 pounds. Want to take it with you to a friend’s home because they’ve got more room? You’re good to go, which is something you just couldn’t do with a giant TV. It also has a viewable screen size of 320 degrees which is far superior to anything large-sized TVs can provide. In the past, projectors could be a little awkward to set up but this one has USB Plug ‘n Play instant setup so you can easily hook it up to all kinds of inputs including your PC or Mac. Manual zoom means it takes seconds to get the picture just how you want it to look, too. It even comes with a built-in speaker and remote for maximum convenience.

In recent times, projectors have truly become more practical and convenient and the Epson Home Cinema 880 1080p projector ably demonstrates that. If you’re looking for a true big-screen experience, you can’t go wrong here. Normally priced at $600, it’s down to just $500 at Best Buy, making the deal all the more tempting. Snap it up now while stocks last.

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