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Want a fun, affordable instant camera? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S is just $49

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S white on pink background

Instant cameras have had a surprising resurgence of late, proving that even in the convenience of the digital age — with high-quality cameras in our pockets at all times — people still find joy in taking instant film pictures. There’s something special about holding a tangible print in your hands just moments after the photo was taken, an experience that digital photography just can’t emulate.

While instant photography is sure to bring back memories of old Polaroids for those of us who have been around long enough to remember them, no brand is more recognized in the instant photo space today than Fujifilm Instax, and Walmart is currently offering the Instax Mini 7S for just $49, including a 10-exposure pack of film. (For the record, the Polaroid brand also lives on in the form of Polaroid Originals.)

The Instax Mini 7S is made to be dirt-simple to use, with a 60mm fixed-focus lens for point-and-shoot ease and the option for manual exposure compensation if you want to get more creative with your pictures. An automatic flash helps illuminate subjects in dark settings so you can keep shooting after the sun goes down. The camera takes Instax Mini film, measuring 2.13 x 3.4 inches, perfect for keeping in a wallet, album, or sticking to your fridge. In addition to the standard white-border film, a variety of fun and colorful borders styles are available. The camera itself is available in three colors: white, pink, or blue.

Instax film is used in a variety of other instant cameras, including many from other brands. The appeal of instant photography has spread rapidly in recent years, from fun, simple cameras like the Instax Mini 7S to the $290 Leica Sofort and the nearly $400 Mint InstantFlex. It has become a popular pastime for casual and enthusiast photographers alike, and the #instax hashtag on Instagram has well over 1 million posts. Instant cameras are sure to be hit this holiday season for parties and family gatherings. The photos develop within about a minute of being taken, making for easy gifts your guests can take home with them.

At the time of writing, Walmart is also advertising a good discount on a standard twin pack of Instax Mini film, offering 20 exposures for just $12.60, down from the normal price of $20. That’s for the normal white-border film, but additional border options are available — from rainbow colors to “candy pop” and “shiny star” — for a slight premium.

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