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Gears 5 is only $5 at Best Buy right now — hurry!

The newest mainline Gears of War game, Gears 5, is on sale at Best Buy for only $5 today. It’s normally $40, so this is your chance to save $35. You’re getting a full game for the price of a Starbucks coffee, so don’t snub your at this deal. If you have an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X, grab Gears 5 before the discount is over.

Why you should buy Gears 5

Gears 5 is the newest game in the main story of the Gears of War franchise. In it you step back from the Fenix family and instead take over the role of Kait Diaz, a member of the Outsider faction. Kait picks up the fight against the Swarm from Gears of War 4 and investigates the origin of the Locust. JD Fenix from Gears 4 does make appearances, and the story is a continuation of the overarching Gears of War world, not a spinoff. This upgraded version for Xbox Series X reduces load times, adds a 120fps mode in Versus, and 4 HDR Ultra visuals. We consider Gears 5 to be a positive return to form for the series. If you haven’t been impressed with the last few entries, this one may surprise you.

The game is still a classic, cover-based third person shooter, just like the Gears series is known for. As is so popular in today’s modern games, The Coalition has expanded the game into open-world territory, with several large hub worlds mixed in with the classic linear gameplay. The popular Horde mode returns, as well as the ability to do three player split screen, a refreshing throwback to early 2000s games. There are also several Versus modes for online multiplayer. This $5 version unfortunately does not include the DLC Hivebusters. There’s a new Escape mode that has up to three players working to, well, escape a Swarm hive. It even has a creator mode, so you can customize the placements of enemies and the environment for more replay value. Think of it has Left 4 Dead gameplay with Halo Forge customization.

Right now the triple-A title is only $5 at Best Buy. If you want to get caught up on the latest in the fight against the Locust, snag this deal before it’s gone.

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