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HP Back-to-School Sale 2021: The best deals to shop

We’re all gearing up to head back to school and now is the perfect time to buy new technology to prepare for studying hard over the next few months. HP has launched its back-to-school sale and it has a ton of great deals including laptops, printers, and monitors. Where do you begin though? We get that it can be confusing to know where to start if you’re far from tech-savvy or simply have lost track of what’s good and what’s not so good. To put your mind at ease, we’ve highlighted some of the best deals from HP right now and taken a look at exactly who each device is aimed at. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that HP is one of the best laptop brands out there so if you’re seeking out a new laptop, you’re onto a good deal already simply by checking out HP’s offering. Let’s take a deeper look into what’s available.

HP Laptop 14t-dq300 — $320, was $400

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Arguably best suited for high school students due to its low price and relatively low specification, the HP Laptop 14t-dq300 will still serve a valiant purpose. Pivoted alongside the best laptops for high school students, it offers an Intel Celeron N4500 processor, 8GB of memory, plus 128GB of SSD storage. There’s a 14-inch diagonal HD display, too, which is just the right size to allow you to juggle a few windows conveniently. While the processor isn’t the snappiest out there, it’s more than capable of dealing with your average productivity tasks and some multitasking work, too. The sizeable hard drive means you can store files physically as well as opt to use the cloud depending on your needs. It looks pretty sweet as well, with a neat white exterior that looks classier than the usual black bulkiness of laptops.

Dual HP M24f FHD Monitor Bundle — $330, was $420

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If you already have a desktop or laptop at home but you need more space on your screen, then you need to snap up this Dual HP M24f FHD Monitor Bundle. $90 off means you can buy two great 23.8-inch monitors for far less than you’d ordinarily pay. The full HD IPS LED backlit monitors look great together and give you a ton more room to work cross. With 178 degrees ultra-wide viewing angles and Freesync technology to keep your eyes feeling good while you work, they’re great if you’re a student (or home worker) who needs to spend a while pouring over presentations and other work projects. A slim profile and innovative cable containment mean they take up less room than you’d think, too. That’s ideal for a dorm room with limited space.

HP 17z-cp000 Laptop — $360, was $430

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Tapping into the best budget laptops field, the HP 17z-cp000 Laptop looks pretty sweet for college students on a budget. With an AMD Athlon Gold 3150U processor, 8GB of memory, plus 128GB of SSD storage, it covers all the basics pretty well. Where things get better however is that it also has an AMD Radeon graphics card for basic graphical work plus it has a 17.3-inch diagonal HD+ display. The latter means it’s a little heavier to carry around but it’s awesome for offering you more screen space in your dorm and those few extra inches can make all the difference if you need to deal with multiple windows at once. A new lift-hinge design also elevates your keyboard to a more natural and comfortable typing position which is great for typing up long papers easily.

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible — $600, was $750

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Veering into the best laptops for college students territory, the HP Pavilion x360 Convertible is a great bet for those students who can’t decide if they need a new laptop or a new tablet. Well priced at $150 off, you get an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, 256GB of SSD storage, plus a gorgeous looking 15.6-inch diagonal HD touch display. As the name suggests, this is a convertible device so you can switch things up and take things more tablet like as and when suits you. If you need to type up documents regularly but you could also do with the tablet experience from time to time, this is the best of both worlds at a pretty sweet price. It even has dual speakers by B&O which is great if you love to stream video or music regularly during your downtime. It’s the perfect 2-in-1 laptop for a student on a budget.

HP Spectre x360 Convertible Laptop — $1,470, was $1,630

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If you’re lucky enough to be a student with a bit more cash to spend than most, you need the HP Spectre x360. We raved about how amazing the HP Spectre x360 14 is and that’s a similar story for the 15-inch model. It’s truly gorgeous and incredibly practical, too. It has an 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory, plus 256GB of SSD storage. It’s the display we truly love as it’s a 15.6-inch diagonal 4K UHD touch display that’s near-borderless so it looks truly beautiful. Whether you’re working hard or streaming your favorite movies, this laptop looks fantastic. And, of course, it also doubles up as a tablet whenever you need to get more tactile. This isn’t for a student on a budget but if you can afford to stretch yourself a little, this is a deal that’s going to set you up for a long time to come.

HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw — $240, was $290

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The best printers are speedy and reliable. That’s certainly the case with the HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw. It can print up to 21 pages per minute in black and white, meaning no matter how long your paper is, you won’t have to wait ages for it to print out. Printing is high-quality, too, with a toner tank that provides up to 5,000 pages of toner. That means this is a great investment for your year of studying ahead as it should last you a while. It’s wireless printing only but with support for the HP Smart app, you can even easily print from your phone or tablet as well as your computer.

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