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This gorgeous 65-inch OLED TV is $300 off at Best Buy right now

LG 65inch OLED 4K TV with glowing purple tree on the screen, on a white background.
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It’s not often that you find great OLED TV deals, so when Best Buy lowered this 65-inch LG Class C1 by $300 down to $1,799.99, you know it’s worth checking out. If you’re not familiar with what an OLED TV is, it’s essentially a technology that allows each pixel to light itself rather than relying on a backlight. This ultimately means that OLED screens can create a true black without any bloom, which makes colors overall seem sharper and altogether more vibrant.

Aside from sporting one of the best screen-lighting techs out there, the LG C1 is packed with many other cool features, such as a powerful processor that can use AI to upscale your media to 4k while still managing to make it look good. It also has a variety of voice-controls built-in; whether you use the LG ThinQ AI on its own or paired with another virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, you can ask your TV to do a variety of things that your smarter-than-average smart TV can do. Of course, you can also just rely on the remote itself, which has (get this) its very own scroll wheel!

It’s probably no surprise then that the LG C1 is built around somebody who enjoys consuming content in front of the TV. Further compounding the love of relaxing in front of a screen is its 65-inch size, something you can enjoy regardless of which of the 65-inch TV deals you pick, but especially so given the excellent contrast and overall picture quality of the LG C1. Similarly great is the ability to link certain LG soundbars, which can work with your TV to create some truly immersive sound.

So, if you’re looking for pretty great 4k TV deals that also have OLED TVs, this one from Best Buy is it! With a $300 savings bringing it down from $2,099.99 to $1,799.99, you can use that extra $300 to get yourself a great gaming deal that you can enjoy with your new TV!

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