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Getting a Galaxy S8? Discounted peripherals turn your new phone into a PC

DeX dock
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to launch soon, and a unique new feature of the phone that has generated a lot of buzz is its ability to convert into a desktop computer via the DeX dock. While certainly not a full desktop replacement, the DeX could be a huge boon to remote workers and others who want to take their work with them without having to lug around a laptop computer.
If you’re planning to get a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the DeX dock looks like something you mightpick up, we’ve collected some current deals on monitors, keyboards, and mice to help you save some cash. These peripherals, when used with the DeX, make it easy to create a simple desktop setup as an alternate workstation – all while keeping all of your important files and programs right on your Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Acer H226HQLbid 21.5-inch monitor

DeX dock desktop accessory roundup

The DeX dock can hook up to virtually any display with an HDMI input, and the Galaxy S8 itself is capable of Full HD output, so anything with more than a 1080p resolution might be overkill. If a basic monitor is all you need, the Acer H226HQLbid is an inexpensive option. The 21.5-inch screen features power-efficient LED backlighting and IPS technology for accurate colors even at wide viewing angles, while the sleek zero frame design offers a near-borderless picture without chunky and distracting bezels. Use the checkout code EMCRDDR44 for a combined discount of $40, which brings this 1080p monitor down to $90 on Newegg until Wednesday, April 5.

$90 on Newegg with code EMCRDDR44

Samsung C24FG70 24-inch curved monitor

DeX dock desktop accessory roundup

If the Acer monitor leaves you wanting something more for your DeX dock setup, or if you simply want one of those fancier curved displays, Newegg has the 24-inch Samsung C24FG70 on sale for $280. This curved 1080p monitor features FreeSync for minimized screen tearing and stuttering, a refresh rate of 144Hz, and a 3,000:1 static contrast ratio for crisp light and deep, dark colors. A snappy 1ms response time practically eliminates input lag, and a dual-hinged arm support provides a wide range of motion for adjusting the display. The checkout code EMCRDDR45 combines with a $50 discount for a total savings of $70, bringing the Samsung C24FG70 down to $280 though April 5.

$280 on Newegg with code EMCRDDR45

Tomoko 87-key mechanical keyboard

DeX dock desktop accessory roundup

Two USB ports on the DeX dock serve as connection points for standard desktop PC peripherals, which is handy if you prefer mechanical keyboards that are typically wired. If you spend long hours typing and enjoy the satisfying tactile feedback of mechanical switches, the 87-key Tomoko keyboard is both highly rated and extremely affordable. The Tomoko’s blue switches promote great typing accuracy while providing the audible clicking sound that mechanical keyboards are known for. N-key rollover increases accuracy even further by correctly registering every keystroke when multiple keys are pressed at once, a nice feature typically not found on cheaper rubber dome keyboards. A $26 discount brings the top-selling 87-key Tomoko keyboard.

$34 on Amazon

Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with touchpad

DeX dock desktop accessory roundup

If mechanical keys aren’t a requirement for you and you prefer something wireless, there’s the Logitech K400 keyboard with a built-in touchpad, which can purchased for $26 from Amazon after a 35 percent discount. The K400 provides wireless capability via the Android-friendly USB Unifying receiver with a signal range of up to 10 meters. Silent keys work together with a large 3.5-inch touchpad for an all-in one peripheral if desk space is limited or you just don’t want to get a separate mouse. Two included AA batteries give the Logitech K400 keyboard with a built-in touchpad, which can purchased for $26 from Amazon an estimated battery life of 18 months.

$26 on Amazon

Logitech M535 Bluetooth mouse

DeX dock desktop accessory roundup

The compact Logitech M535 is an excellent choice for a wireless mouse that doesn’t require a USB receiver thanks to its Bluetooth capability,. It frees up a USB port on the DeX dock for other accessories. The M535 works with any Bluetooth-capable Android device, meaning it can sync directly with your Galaxy S8, and the included AA battery provides up to 10 months of power with regular use. Normally $40, a $10 discount brings the black Logitech M535. If black isn’t your style, the blue model can be had for just $26.

$30 on Amazon

Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050 curved keyboard and mouse

DeX dock desktop accessory roundup

For a full-sized work setup that is more suitable for long hours of use, consider the ergonomically-designed Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050 curved keyboard and mouse. The keyboard’s curved palm rest encourages a more natural wrist alignment when typing for extended periods of time, while the larger mouse fills your hand and is a good option if you find touchpads and compact mice to be awkward and uncomfortable. The keyboard offers a full set of 125 keys and includes programmable shortcut buttons for your most-used programs and functions. The no-nonsense Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050 package usually goes for $70 but is currently available from Best Buy for $49.

$49 on Best Buy

Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 Bluetooth speakers

DeX dock desktop accessory roundup

Topping off our peripheral roundup are the Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 Bluetooth speakers. While not a requirement for a complete DeX dock desktop, a good pair of Bluetooth speakers will greatly enhance your enjoyment of music and other entertainment. The GDI-BTSP201 speakers can also be used completely separate from the DeX setup since they connect right to your Galaxy S8 smartphone via Bluetooth. AptX technology delivers crisp, quality sound optimized for streaming, and built-in playback buttons let you control your audio without having to fiddle with your phone or remove it from the dock. The Grace Digital Bluetooth speakers got a great rating from our review team back when they were still $200, but they are now available from Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 Bluetooth speakers.

$100 on Amazon

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