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Amazon drops killer deals on these Samsung Galaxy tablets

Samsung is credited with launching the first Android tablet back in 2010. Over a decade later, the South Korean tech giant is still offering some of the best slates in the market, rivaling Apple’s terrific iPad line in terms of performance but thankfully coming in at a much lower price. The best Android tablet that you can buy right now is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Boasting an absolutely gorgeous display, blazingly fast performance, and user-friendly interface, it’s the closest an Android tablet comes to replicating the iPad Pro. If its $600 price tag is a tad too much for you (at least it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than the iPad Pro), take a look at its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and the even more budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Save as much as $100 when you get them on Amazon today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 – $230, was $330

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is optimized for entertainment. Its 10.5-inch-wide TFT LCD panel displays a sharp, colorful picture and has an aspect ratio of 16:10 for a more immersive viewing experience. Its four Dolby Atmos speakers, two on top and two at the bottom, produce a surprisingly loud sound for a device of its size. It lacks a physical home button, unlike the Galaxy Tab A 8.0, and although its bezels are pretty thick, we actually didn’t mind as this makes the device comfortable to hold without causing us to accidentally touch the screen.

Underneath the surface, it has an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor and 3GB of RAM, which allows the tablet to switch seamlessly between apps. With an internal memory of 32GB, it’s got plenty of room for storage. Feel free to fill it up with your favorite apps, photographs, and video recordings. It also comes with a Micro SD card slot should you choose to expand the memory.

When it comes to battery life, the tablet is quite impressive. Its 7,300mAh battery charges fast and is capable of up to 14.5 hours of video playback on a single charge. While the tablet is charging, the Daily Board feature plays a slideshow of your favorite photos, while also giving you the time and a weather forecast.

This tablet is equipped with a facial-recognition feature that lets you unlock it with just a look, as well as the usual password encryption protection. It’s also outfitted with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera. The built-in Google Assistant lets you perform actions through voice commands, including browsing the internet, playing songs, and keeping track of your schedule.

The Galaxy Tab A 10.5 has been awarded an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars by Amazon reviewers. The most common complaint that we’ve come across is that the tablet is a little too large for reading or holding for a long time. On the other hand, it’s been lauded for its gorgeous screen, fast processor, upgraded sound system, and midrange price. Usually priced at $330, a huge $100 discount brings it down to $230. What’s more, you can enjoy an additional $60 off instantly upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card, bringing the price down to $170.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e – $398

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a stunningly designed Android tablet with a gorgeous screen, light and slim build, and an attractive and easy-to-use interface. Simply put, this tablet is going to be hard to put down once you start using it – and that’s not even the best part! Although it looks like a fine piece of digital jewelry, it doesn’t cost nearly as much as the iPad Pro. Apple’s flagship tablet will set you back nearly $1,000, while the Galaxy Tab S5e is infinitely more affordable at just $398 on Amazon. What’s more, you can score an additional $60 off instantly upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card, cutting the price to an irresistible $338.

This tablet is so slim and light (an astonishing 5.5mm profile and weighing just 399 grams) that if it were any thinner and lighter it would seem like a piece of paper. Despite being extremely portwable, though, you will never question its build quality, thanks to its sturdy aluminum unibody. It’s clean, simple, and stylish, and the only slight bumps you’ll see are the rear camera and the power and volume buttons on the right edge. The power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor and while it’s fast and precise, it’s much too small, and we found ourselves looking for it instead of finding it with just our fingers.

Samsung is renowned for its stunning screens, and the Galaxy Tab S5e is no exception. The 10.5 AMOLED panel is remarkable. Contrasts are rich, colors are vivid, and since it’s so lightweight, it’s great as a Kindle alternative. Audio quality is an entirely different story though. Despite boasting four speakers that are fine-tuned by AKG and support Dolby Atmos, it’s just not good enough. Blame it on this tablet’s thinness.

The Galaxy Tab S5e’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor is just a standard midrange smartphone chipset. That’s why we were extremely surprised at how well it performed. We never encountered any glitching or stuttering when browsing the internet, watching movies, or reading. Battery life is also terrific, capable of lasting up to five days with normal usage. It can even go on standby mode and consume absolutely no power at all when idle.

Samsung’s tablet version of its One UI software over the Android Pie 9.0 proved to be uncluttered, logical, and neatly laid out. Apps are uniform in size, navigation is fluid, but transitions are a bit slow.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e’s gorgeous screen isn’t the only reason to buy it. The slick software and performance are a delight, and the heavy-duty battery guarantees you won’t go hunting for the charger for days at a time. Get one with 64GB of memory for $398 on Amazon today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – $600, was $650

So far, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the closest an Android tablet has come to replicating the iPad Pro experience. While it’s hard to compete with the seamlessness of Apple’s iOS ecosystem in tablet form, the Galaxy Tab S6’s custom One interface paired with Android 9 Pie works like a charm. Plus, the DeX interface, which kicks in when you attach a keyboard dock to give you a desktop feel, is also worthy of high praise. Another highlight is the Galaxy Tab S6’s 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, which we think no other tablet out there can rival (well, except the S5e). All things considered, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is our choice for the best Android tablet for 2020, and it’s even powerful enough to replace your laptop thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

The Galaxy Tab S6 has uniformly sized slim bezels surrounding its 10.5-inch screen. They are thin enough to be aesthetically pleasing, but not so thin that you will accidentally activate the screen around the edges. Samsung’s decision to ditch glass in favor of aluminum ensures that this tablet won’t shatter when dropped. The all-new S Pen attaches via magnets on an oblong indent on the back. It’s not just for storage, as this is where the S Pen recharges, and it does need recharging now that it has Bluetooth. The kickstand on the back remains dead simple to use, something Apple’s iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard can’t claim. Speaking of the keyboard (sold separately), Samsung’s Keyboard case remains a mandatory purchase, as it not only offers a pleasurable typing experience but also triggers the DeX interface. This interface replicates the desktop experience and allows you to do an assortment of functions not possible on tablet mode, like having 20 (!) windowed apps open at once.

As mentioned, the Galaxy Tab S6’s super AMOLED screen is gorgeous. It’s perfectly readable outdoors even on a bright, sunny day, and everything on it looks crisp thanks to its 2,560 x 1,600 resolution. Furthermore, it supports HDR content for glorious high-definition consumption of Netflix and YouTube.

This tablet won’t make you worry about lags, glitches, or screen freezes as its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor is more than sufficient for handling heavy work. Even with multiple tabs open in Samsung’s internet browser and several app windows open on top of each other, the Tab S6 never slowed down. Apps launched swiftly, resizing them was a snappy affair, and games like Alto’s Odyssey, Pako: Forever, and Grand Mountain ran without any stuttering. Finally, the Galaxy Tab S6’s 7,040mAh battery will easily get you through a busy day and beyond, and it can be charged up in less than two hours.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is undeniably the best Android tablet that you can buy, ideal for people who need a workhorse of a device to replace their laptop. Get it for $600 on Amazon, a cool $50 off its normal retail price of $650. And if you order via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and get approval, enjoy an additional $60 off instantly, reducing the price to $540.

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