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Turn your dorm room into a cozy den with this electric fireplace deal

Turbro TS20 Electric Fireplace on white background.

Nothing compares to the feeling of warming up next to a hot fireplace when it’s cold outside, especially during the winter. However, if you’ve ever been in a house with a fireplace, you’ll know that traditional wood or coal fireplaces are a huge hassle to manage. It takes a ton of work to get the fire going, there’s clean-up involved, and it can even be a fire hazard. If you suffer from respiratory problems, you might even need to look for air purifier deals to handle the smoke of a standard fireplace. If you’ve been looking for something that simulates the feeling of a fireplace without the trouble, you’re in luck. Right now on Amazon, you can pick up the TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace for just $130, which is $20 off the standard price of $150.

The TURBRO Suburbs TS20 is a dorm gadget that will turn even the most ordinary student housing into a wonderful, cozy den for studying or lounging around. The heat output is surprisingly great considering the price – it can warm a room of up to 1,000 square feet. The infrared heater spreads warmth throughout the room without removing moisture, so you can even run it concurrently with humidifier deals. Its compact size and form factor helps it easily blend into rooms and spaces of all sizes, from a large living room to a smaller studio apartment.

On top of the great heating features, this is a great conversation starter as well. The simulated flame effect is elegant and charming. It can be turned on independently of the heating element, so you can run it to set the mood without heating an already warm room. You also never have to worry about getting burned around this unit. The top surface and the front are safe to touch since they do not get warm even when the heater is turned on. There’s also built-in overheat protection that automatically shuts the heater off if the temperature passes a certain threshold.

Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic centerpiece for your room or a cheap way to warm up in winter, the TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace is an excellent choice. It’s beautiful, quiet, and works like a charm. Best of all, you can pick it up on sale right now for just $130. That’s $20 off the regular price of $150. If you’re interested, click that “Buy Now” button before this limited-time offer disappears!

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