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Why Walmart is the best place to buy a TV on Prime Day

Are you looking to buy a new TV? It might seem like it’s a smart move to wait until the Prime Day deals emerge at Amazon next week but, actually, that’s not strictly the case here. While Amazon often has some good deals on HDTVs and 4K TVs, there’s one retailer that continues to offer generally better discounts and better value for your money — Walmart.

Why is Walmart better than Amazon for TVs?

Simply put, Walmart has a much better selection of TVs than Amazon. Traditionally being a good call for buying a new TV, that trend has continued online with Walmart offering a vast variety of TVs for sale. While Amazon has a good supply, it can’t compete with Walmart’s selection.

Head over to Walmart’s TV section and you’ll see what we mean. You can easily view TVs according to their size, brand, as well as price. That’s because Walmart has so many different TVs that there’s something for every budget here. Whether you’re looking for the best TVs or the best 4K TVs in particular, Walmart almost certainly stocks it.

While Amazon tends to fixate on the latest and greatest (with a small selection of other TVs), Walmart appreciates there’s a different need and budget for every customer from the less tech-savvy to those wanting the biggest TV they can find. That means it has cheap HDTVs for those that don’t need anything more superior than 1080p resolution while it also offers an extensive array of 4K TVs and 8K TVs.

That means there are tons for you to browse here as well as plenty of deals too.

What kind of deals does Walmart offer?

Walmart tends to discount a little bit of everything and not just during Prime Day season, although it does tend to have its own Walmart Prime Day sale at the same time. With so many TVs available through the retailer, there’s almost always some kind of deal going on at all times. That’s why the Walmart website lists TV deals as a separate category so you can quickly see what’s on sale at any time.

Sales and deals include a variety of different brands and budgets including the latest 4K TVs from Samsung to more budget-friendly TCL sets and right down to lesser-known names like Sceptre too.

The advantage to Walmart here is that it lends itself perfectly to different types of TVs and scenarios. After all, TVs are no longer placed solely in living rooms or dens. They also fit into kitchens, bedrooms, and pretty much every other room of your home. Thanks to Walmart’s extensive selection, you can find a TV for every scenario without feeling like your only option is to go with a 4K TV that might be overkill for the kitchen.

What other advantages does Walmart offer?

Unlike Amazon, Walmart has some traditional advantages that continue to be useful even in this online dominant world we live in.

The big one is that you can head in-store to take a look at your potential purchase. Most of the TVs listed on the Walmart website are available for free pickup the same day as you’re looking. That means you can enjoy your new purchase faster but it also means you can take a look at it to check it’s for you.

Alongside that, Walmart also frequently offers expert help services alongside any TV purchases. That means you can pay for someone to professionally mount the TV for you saving you the effort. In particular, this service is great for those less tech-savvy or not a DIY master, plus it’s ideal for anyone with mobility issues who may struggle to physically set up the TV themselves.

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