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Ride in style with the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter for $97 less post-Prime Day

Scooters started out as a plaything for kids; they weren’t necessarily something an adult would use. But now scooters are larger and have become a common and efficient means to go around the city. Grown-ups no longer feel self-conscious using them. There are a lot of models out there that look stylish and sleek. Plus, companies that manufacture electric scooters have upgraded their batteries so you can use them for a much longer time. One such scooter is the Xiaomi Mi, a lightweight foldable adult electric scooter.

The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is available on Amazon as a Prime Day deal for $97 less. Instead of paying $496, just shell out $399.

This Xiaomi Mi is a multi-awarded electric scooter notable for its unique and minimalist design and outstanding functionality. It has a folding design that makes it portable and allows you to pop it right in the trunk of your car.

This electric scooter looks undeniably cool. Its frame is made of low-density aerospace-grade aluminum which makes it light but has high structural strength. It also has excellent thermal conductivity, so it doesn’t heat up that much, and a powder-coat finish that provides extra corrosion resistance. The entire scooter weighs 26.9 pounds and looks sturdy.

It has a much longer range compared to other scooters. In near perfect conditions, you can ride it for at least 18.9 miles at 15.5 mph. This range can last for a few days between charging. To squeeze every mile out of the battery, you can engage Eco-mode. This will limit your speed and acceleration but will significantly extend the range for a few miles. The scooter is propelled by a 250-watt motor and a high-capacity battery.

The scooter comes with an extremely bright 1.1-watt headlight which you can switch on at night. It also has a rear brake light which can be turned on continuously for better night visibility.

The 8.5-inch front and rear tires are larger than the average scooter and are shock absorbent and have anti-slip treads, so you don’t have to worry about bumpy trails or riding in the rain. It is still a scooter though, so you need to be wary of road holes and big bumps.

The most important aspect of the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is how easy it is to use. The controls are intuitive and easy to grasp, and riding it is smooth and uncomplicated. The handle is made of anti-slip material, and four LED lights on the tiny dashboard tell you the amount of juice that the battery still has. Another handy feature that the scooter has is its software lock. Using the app, you can lock the scooter which renders it impossible for thieves to use. The app also lets you know the scooter’s speed, battery level, and mileage.

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And even though Prime Day is officially over it doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on all the amazing deals. Check out our curated deals pages for more post-Prime Day deals.

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