Facebook F8 Developer Conference: Complete Coverage

When developers want to know what Facebook is working on, they head to F8. The annual two-day conference highlights the company’s latest technologies in development and is an opportunity to meet Facebook engineers. It’s also where CEO Mark Zuckerberg lays out the company’s vision for the year to follow. F8 covers what’s next for Facebook’s social network platform, but also the company’s work in AR and VR, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Oculus, gaming, security, and much, much more.

For consumers, we get a first glimpse of the features that could be implemented in the near future. 2019 promises to be the biggest F8 yet — and Digital Trends is on the show floor.

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Facebook says the future is private, but what does that mean?

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, the company emphasized its desire to take a more hands-on approach to privacy over the future. But what, exactly, will a more privacy-focused Facebook end up looking like?
Social Media

Instagram’s new camera feature, Create Mode, isn’t for taking photos or video

Instagram's upcoming Create Mode gives users a blank canvas to decorate with stickers and effects. During the annual F8 conference, Instagram also shared details on an upcoming product tag and a fundraising sticker inside Stories.
Smart Home

Facebook Portal and Portal Plus devices gain new content and features

Facebook's Portal devices are video smart speakers with Alexa voice assistants built in that allow you to make calls. The devices are now available internationally and come with WhatsApp support built in.

The next major Facebook redesign is here, along with a Messenger desktop app

Facebook F8 is finally here, and Facebook has taken the wraps off of a number of new products and services, including a major Facebook redesign, a Messenger desktop app, and more. Here's everything Facebook announced at Facebook F8 2019.

The Facebook dating service will be free of charge and free of ads

Facebook is getting into the dating game. While the feature was one of the surprises from this year's F8, new details suggest what the feature may entail, including a few screenshots from a computer programmer.

Facebook wants to make your virtual self appear as real as possible in VR

Facebook revealed its plans to make the VR experience in Oculus feel more realistic. By bringing photorealistic avatars with facial tracking, users can have a more lifelike representation as they enter the virtual world.
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Facebook utilizes Instagram photos and hashtags to create a smarter A.I.

Why manually label images when you already have a source for millions of images labeled with hashtags? Facebook recently designed an A.I. program using Instagram images and hashtags to teach object recognition.

Facebook teases new Oculus prototype with mechanical ‘varifocal’ lenses

VR is still maturing as a platform, and Oculus is fully aware of its limitations. At F8, Oculus unveiled a prototype designed to remedy some of the persistent visual hurdles VR struggles with: focus and field of view. 
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Facebook steps into 3D memories and photos without a specialized camera

Facebook is working to make even the photos captured before 3D and 360 cameras existed a thing of the past. 3D Photos will come to the news feed even sooner, however, using only a smartphone camera.
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All the new features coming to the Facebook app and Messenger

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, a variety of new features and updates were introduced. From a new dating app to more privacy controls, here's what you can expect to see on the Facebook and Messenger apps in the near future.
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From video chat to AR filters, Instagram builds long list of new tools

Tired of typing in that group message? Instagram will soon add video chat to messaging, alongside several upcoming changes like a new Explore tab and bully filters announced during the Facebook F8 conference.

Facebook F8 2018 Keynote recap: Everything Zuckerberg and co. announced

The Facebook F8 developers conference has begun! Each year, the conference delivers a sneak peak into the future of Facebook, and 2018 was definitely no exception. Here's everything we learned from the Facebook F8 Keynote.

Oculus Go wireless VR headset hits shelves today for way less than a Vive

In an age when leaks spoil every surprise, Facebook came close to surprising everyone with the launch of its Oculus Go stand-alone VR headset. Announced at Facebook's F8 conference, the Oculus Go will hit store shelves today. 

Facebook F8 attendees will reportedly receive the Oculus Go

If an image posted to Facebook proves true, all Facebook F8 attendees will receive an Oculus Go headset. The giveaway suggests Facebook will reveal an imminent release date for the stand-alone headset during F8.

F8 is Zuckerberg's first appearance since testifying. What will he say?

All eyes will be on CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook F8 as the firm unveils its latest research and innovations. But Facebook must also prove that it will be able to respect user privacy. What do you want to hear him talk about?

Facebook's M assistant can now suggest movies thanks to Fandango

Facebook rolled out M, its personal assistant, around the U.S. and Mexico. The artificially intelligent assistant can help you with things like booking Uber rides and finding a restaurant. Here's everything M can do so far.

Facebook's Messenger Lite is now available in 132 more countries

Facebook Messenger is growing. After reporting last year that it had 1 billion users, it's now up to a massive 1.2 billion. Facebook attributes that growth to new launches like Facebook Messenger Lite.

Meet the 8K cameras that came from Facebook Surround's open source

Why did Facebook release the Surround camera as open source last year? To create even better variations like these sweet cameras. Three 8K pro-level 3D VR cameras were on display this week.