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Battlefield 2042’s final five specialists have been revealed

Specialists mix up the game in Battlefield 2042, and now players know the full roster of characters they’ll be able to play as when the game finally launches next month. In a video released today, EA revealed the final five specialists arriving in the upcoming Battlefield title, bringing the total roster for the game to 10, at least at launch.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay | First Look At New Specialists

The specialists are Navin Rao, Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza, Emma “Sundance” Rosier, Ji-Soo Paik, and Constantin “Angel” Anghel. Just like the specialist players used during the recent Battlefield 2042 beta, each has their own ability geared toward support, offense, or mobility. For instance, Navin can hack enemies and then kill them to reveal other nearby targets or hack enemy equipment and in-world objects, like traffic barriers.

However, the most interesting characters revealed in today’s trailer are Sundance and Paik, each of whom seems to have the most versatility. Sundance can travel quickly thanks to her wingsuit and has a suite of grenades that can split into scatter-bombs or transform into anti-armor explosives that lock on to enemy vehicles. Paik, on the other hand, automatically spots enemies who hurt her and has an active ability that lets her see enemies through walls, like Widowmaker’s ultimate from Overwatch.

Battlefield 2042 developers Dice and Ripple Effect also acknowledged that the game has some issues with how it approached specialists, such as players not being able to tell if someone is on their team or the opposite team due to specialists’ unique looks. Thankfully, the developers are applying a number of changes to the game based on feedback they received from fans after the beta.

Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on November 19 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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