If you build it, they will come and wreck it: see Fortnite gameplay with developer commentary

build will come wreck see fortnite gameplay developer commentary

Epic Games has released a gameplay video with developer commentary for its upcoming exploration/construction/defense game Fortnite. Check out 13 minutes of in in action below, with systems designer Cameron Winston and community manager “KL” Smith.

Fortnite combines the exploration and resource-gathering of games like Minecraft with the strategic construction of structures, traps, and other defenses in the vein of Dungeon Defenders or Orcs Must Die!An initial phase of exploration is followed by a building phase in which players use the discovered resources to erect up a base around the Gate, which is an interdimensional portal that the team needs to close. Building and activating an Atlas device on top of the gate begins the closing process, but also attracts the Storm, whence all the game’s enemies spawn.

Different classes must combine their skills to create the most effective defense against the oncoming hordes of monsters. The video focuses on three of the four available classes. The Ninja is a nimble, melee-focused brawler who specializes in edged weapons and swift, tactical play. The Commando plays it a bit more fast and loose, focusing on ranged weapons (particularly assault) and lobbing grenades around to indiscriminately mow down enemies. The Constructor is best at building up their base’s defenses, getting the most bang for the team’s bucks by building more resilient structures for fewer resources.

The remaining class, not showcased specifically in the video, is the Scavenger, who is best at gathering loot from around the map to be utilized in the team’s fort.

Fortnite is being developed by Epic Games Poland, formerly People Can Fly of Painkiller and Bulletstorm fame. It is slated for release in 2015 on PC, with other platforms to follow.