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Epix streaming app brings concerts, movies, comedy to Xbox One

epix xbox one launches
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Microsoft has always promoted the Xbox One as more of an all-around entertainment machine than “just” a game console. This was largely true even at launch, and the console’s entertainment features have only increased over time. Now, to further add to the fun, Epix has announced the launch of its app on Xbox One.

The Epix app offers on-demand streaming of movies, concerts, and comedy specials, and also allows users to watch the live Epix channels within the app.

This is a deal that has been in the works for some time — we reported that Epix was headed to the Xbox One almost exactly one year ago. We aren’t sure what took so long, especially as the app is already available on smartphones, Roku devices, and even the Xbox 360, but Epix is making up for the long wait in more ways than one.

From now until March 31, Epix is offering a free 14-day trial for Xbox One owners. If you don’t own an Xbox One, Epix may be able to help with that, too. It is giving one away to celebrate the launch of the app. After the 14-day trial is up, users will need to connect via a TV subscription in order to continue using the app.

If you aren’t a cable or satellite subscriber, you can still have access to Epix, just not through the Epix app. Sling TV, which launched on the Xbox One earlier this month, also offers the live Epix channels. While it doesn’t allow access to all of the Epix on-demand catalog, if the movie or concert in question is currently in rotation on any of the live channels, it can be watched at any time.

If you’re interested in checking out the app or maybe just hoping to snag yourself a free Xbox 360, head over to the Epix blog for more details.

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