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Far Cry 6: Where to find all USB Song Sticks

If there’s one thing you can count on an open-world Ubisoft game to have, it’s tons of collectibles. Ever since the early Assassin’s Creed days, they’ve leaned more and more on filling their maps with knickknacks, trinkets, and sparkly objects to divert your attention from the main story. Far Cry 3 was the first in the series to really embrace that open-world design, and since then, they’ve only piled on more and more things to grab as their worlds continue to get larger. Far Cry 6 certainly follows that same formula, but one type of collectible, in particular, adds a bit of an extra incentive to finding them all aside from just checking it off a list of things to do.

USB Song Sticks are a new collectible in the Far Cry games. Unlike other collectibles, even ones in the same game, these actually have a use outside of just filling up your completion meter. The USB Song Sticks, of which there are a total of 15 laying around the region of Yara, all each hold a specific song that you can listen to once found. Once you’ve collected one, that song can be played whenever you want while driving or flying across the majestic landscape. If you want to load up the best tunes for your trip through Far Cry 6, check out where to find all the USB Song Sticks.

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USB Song No. 1: Hitboy

Standing outside a plantation.

We’ll start off building our playlist with Hitboy. You can grab this USB Song Stick in a building on the Viviro Nueve Plantation, way down south in the Quito region on Isla Santuario. You will go here as part of the Fire and Fury mission early in the game. Check inside the building and on the desk for the song.

USB Song No. 2: Pupla De Tamarindo

Another early song you can grab is in Costa Del Mar at the Ocaso Marina. This one is on a small wooden table near an outdoor eating area.

USB Song No. 3: Sentimiento Original

Going way into the north of the Aguas Lindas area, there’s a Guerrilla Hideout named Hideout Mambo. For whatever reason, someone threw this USB Song Stick in the trash, so fish it out of the dumpster to add it to your playlist.

USB Song No. 4: Abuso De Poder

In the same region, go to the FDA Airbase Olimpia and locate the air traffic control tower. Again, a story mission will take you here, or you can go whenever you like. Get up on the roof of the tower and snag the song from beside the laptop there.

USB Song No. 5: What A Bam Bam

A laptop with a USB next to it.

Now in the Lozania part of the map, make your way to the town of Verdera, and go to the west side of the main square. There will be a laptop on a small table with a single chair outside a building, along with your next favorite song.

USB Song No. 6: Educate Ya

While in Balaceras, head to the south of the San Miguel River to the Diamante Checkpoint W. A little farther down the road from the checkpoint is a gas station. Stop in to pick up a brand new song off the counter.

USB Song No. 7: Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)

Love it or hate it, you need to find the Macarena to complete your collection. You’ll find it in the Barrial region near the Halcon Reservoir. There’s a little parking area here that you need to find the dumpster in. Fish this classic out of the trash and be on your way.

USB Song No. 8: Dinero

The Orquidea Villa is also in the Barrial region, to the east. One building is surrounded by a big fence you need to navigate. Circle around the building proper to find some vines growing along it that you can use to climb up onto the roof and grab Dinero next to the dish on the corner of the roof.

USB Song No. 9: Ay Lola La Figura

Unlike the other USB Song Sticks in Far Cry 6, this one isn’t as easy to get as just going to a spot and picking it up. To get Ay Lola La Figura, you will need to do the And the Beat Goes on… Treasure Hunt mission. You can start it in Cruz Del Salvador and will be sent into the Danzal Cave. It isn’t a terribly hard mission, just get to the end and make sure to grab the stick off the turntable when you reach the end.

USB Song No. 10: La Bella Ciao De Libertad

A map showing the La Joya region.

In the Turgenev Comms Post, which you can find in the La Joya section of the map, find the entrance to the underground bunker, which you can find next to the large red radio tower. Head down the ladder to get a double reward of the USB Song Stick, plus the FND cache right beside it.

USB Song No. 11: Los Caminos De La Vida

Heading over to the northern part of the Conuco area, just south of the Roca Pequena Sat Station, is a lone building sitting atop a hill called Casa Rivera. Head here and onto the back deck where the song is sitting on a table next to a large map of the area.

USB Song No. 12: Yo Aprendi

On the southeast coast of the Conuco area is the little town of Maldito with a fishing area. One of the houses on stilts you can climb into has a table with this song resting on it.

USB Song No. 13: La Vida Me Cambio

Just outside the FND Base Sureno Shipyards in Sierra Perdida, there’s a small building at the entrance you can enter. Go inside and add some fresh tunes by grabbing this song off the wooden desk inside.

USB Song No. 14: Pxssy Powah!

This song’s risky title is just as risky to get. You’ll need to infiltrate Esperanza and get into the Mercurio Mecanico hideout. You will eventually do this as part of the story, too. Either way, once inside, head up to the second floor and find the two wooden tables pushed together with nothing but this song on them to snag.

USB Song No. 15: Here We Kum

A USB on a shelf of junk.

Our last song also is hiding out in Esperanza, this time the Barrio Antiguo district, which is one of the toughest zones in the game (as well as where the story first began), but it can’t be picked up until later. Fight or sneak your way inside via an alleyway leading to some stairs, then head up and into the storage room. On one of the lower shelves is your 15th and final USB Song Stick.

Once you’ve picked up all 15, you will unlock the That’s My Jam trophy or achievement.

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