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Fortnite Fortnitemares challenge guide: Where to find a broom and travel 100 meters

As you make your way through this year’s Fortnitemares challenges in Fortnite, you’ll come across one that requires you to travel 100 meters on a broom. The game doesn’t tell you where to find one or how it works, however, so you might need to be pointed in the right direction. That’s where we come in!

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find a broom in Fortnite, how to travel 100 meters, and include tips for completing the challenge as easily as possible.

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Where to find a broom

The first thing you need to do in order to finish this challenge is to find a broom. We recommend attempting this in Team Rumble, as you’ll have a little more forgiveness in terms of respawns and opponent placement. Keep in mind, however, that you can complete this challenge in battle royale mode as well. Either way, boot up a match and head to the location in the image above, just northwest of Salty Springs. Here, you’ll find a spooky house next to a barrel with some broomsticks in it. Search the barrel and then equip the broom to use it. This isn’t the only location you can find the broomsticks, but it’s a relatively safe area that should be free from other players.

If you do happen to come across someone else, do your best to take them out before they grab a broom. You might have to check another location if someone else grabbed the one you were aiming for. There are broomsticks to the north of Lazy Lake, south of Slurpy Swamp, southeast of Catty Corner, and north of Doom’s Domain. Once you’ve got your hands on it, you’ll be ready to fly!

How to travel 100 meters on the broom

To use the broomstick, simply press the right trigger. This will shoot you up in the sky and allow you to glide around. Because of how the component works, you’ll want to position yourself at the top of a hill when you use the broom, which will provide for more flight time. Otherwise, if you’re on flat land, you’ll probably have to give it a second try, as you might not have enough air time. The nice thing is that you don’t need to travel 100 meters in one go — it’s cumulative. We also recommend jumping before pressing the trigger. That way, you’re getting the most out of your travel time.

The other important thing to note is that there’s a cooldown timer on using the broom. It’s only 20 seconds, but keep this in mind if you plan on flying your broom around enemies, as they might take you out while you wait. Check out the video above for reference on how to complete the challenge quickly. Once you’ve flown 100 meters, you’ll complete the challenge and be rewarded with 40,000 XP. If you die or don’t manage to travel 100 meters before the match is over, simply give it another try and you’ll pick up where you left off.

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