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Fortnite Imposters mode guide: How to master Epic’s Among Us clone

Fortnite is known for evolving quickly, typically featuring something new nearly every week. Sometimes the map undergoes a massive change; other times, new weapons and gear are added; and even more exciting is when an entirely new mode is implemented. In August 2021, Fortnite received an update that included a new mode called Imposters. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because this mode is nearly indistinguishable from the premise of Among Us, a social sleuthing game that took the world by storm in 2020.

One thing Fortnite is known for is borrowing (or stealing) ideas from other games. But even if you aren’t familiar with the way this game mode works, you still might want to give it a try since Fortnite does a great job of replicating the formula. Since sleuthing is so different from what you might be used to in the battle royale mode, it’s easy to get confused with how things work.

In this guide, we’ll give you the rundown of how the Imposters mode works, and we’ll include some tips and tricks to get you started. Here’s what you need to know about the new Imposters mode in Fortnite.

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What is the Fortnite Imposters mode?

Trust Nobody: Introducing Fortnite Impostors

Right off the bat, Fortnite‘s Imposters mode doesn’t seem to be available for only a limited time. It appears to be a permanent mode that further expands the overall list of offerings available in Fortnite. This is great news, as it means you’ll be given ample time to practice your sleuthing skills.

Imposters is a take on the sleuthing formula, wherein players must deduce who is, in fact, the Imposter. This mode is meant for up to 10 players and either places you on the Imposters team or the Agents team. If you’re an Agent, your job is to navigate The Bridge while completing tasks and keeping your eyes peeled for suspicious behavior. Imposters, on the other hand, are there to sabotage the Agents and eliminate them one by one.

It’s less of an action-packed mode that leans more into social aspects and communication. You’ll find that Imposters is a slow burn that often pays off at the end if you’ve been paying attention.

How does a match play out?

Screens in The Bridge in Fortnite.
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At the start of a round, you’ll either be assigned an Imposter or an Agent. If you’re an Agent, you’ll want to go around completing tasks while paying attention to the other players. Keep your eyes open for (sus)picious behavior. There’s a bit of risk/reward here, as you’ll make progress toward your overall objective if you complete tasks — but having tunnel vision and only focusing on tasks might distract you from figuring out who the Imposters are.

If you’re an Imposter, you need to carefully eliminate the Agents while blending in — and focusing on separating the Agents is your best bet. Any suspicious behavior, such as following players around or not prioritizing the tasks at hand, could make you look guilty.

Once suspicious activity is reported, you enter the discussion phase, which is when you can start making accusations or defending yourself. At the start of a match, players might not be privy to who the Imposters are, so it’s important to be adamant about what you know if you see something worth sharing. Likewise, Imposters must do their best to push the blame elsewhere to keep from being voted out of the game. Your job here is to make a compelling argument one way or another. And if you’re accused of being an Imposter, your goal is to steer the conversation away from you while providing details that might make another player look bad.

Tips and tricks for Imposters mode

Battle Bus in Fortnite.
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Agents: Stick together

It’s much more difficult for an Imposter to eliminate other players if the Agents stick together. This not only ensures you can watch each others’ backs, but it also means more players can be aware of their surroundings — making it easier to have a convincing argument during the discussion phase. There’s a lot that can be deduced when a full team of Agents sticks together, so we typically advise against splitting up unless absolutely necessary.

Agents: Be specific during the discussion phase

It does no good to witness suspicious behavior if you can’t convey that information during the discussion phase. Here’s your chance to make a convincing argument for or against another player. Sometimes, an Imposter will accuse an Agent to make themselves seem less suspicious, so if you know someone is innocent, you should make that clear during the discussion phase. In addition, don’t immediately get overly defensive if you’re accused. Instead, provide compelling evidence that proves your innocence. Spamming the chat is only going to make you look guilty.

Agents: Prioritize completing tasks

You’re far less likely to be falsely accused if you’re actually focused on completing tasks. In addition, the faster you complete the tasks, the quicker you can win the match. Just make sure you don’t veer off from the group because that’s a good way to get yourself eliminated!

Imposters: Pretend to complete tasks

Imposters have a much more difficult task ahead of them since they have to sabotage tasks and eliminate Agents without being seen. If you stay away from Assignment objectives, you’ll look way more suspicious, so do your best to blend in. If you want to take it a step further, you can even actually complete Agent tasks to sell the part, though you should only do this if it makes sense. Sometimes, if you do something that looks suspicious, the only way to shift the blame away is to complete Agent Assignments, so keep that in your back pocket as a last resort.

Imposters: Self-report to steer the blame away

If you’ve isolated a player and are sure no one else was around, you can “self-report” as soon as you eliminate the Agent. This basically means you’ve reported an elimination, and it can make you look less guilty. Though, you should be wise with your plan, as players who are already suspected of being Imposters will only look more guilty if they report an elimination so soon. If you are going to self-report, make sure you’ve got a compelling argument to ensure you look innocent.

Imposters: Be on the same page with your teammates

As an Imposter, you’ll want to make sure your teammates are on the same page during the discussion phase. If your stories don’t match up, or if one Imposter fails to back up another, it could lead to losing the match. As the match progresses, more players get eliminated, meaning it takes fewer votes to get rid of a player. That’s why it’s imperative that Imposters all vote for the same players to decrease the chance of getting removed from the match. This is especially true if an Imposter player already has multiple votes — use the discussion time to convince your teammates to vote for an Agent instead.

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