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Where to find a Kinetic Boomerang in Fortnite

There are plenty of new weapons and items to get your hands on in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, but the Kinetic Boomerang may be the most unique and satisfying of the bunch. Unlike the past few seasons’ Shockwave Hammer and Kinetic Blade items, the Kinetic Boomerang lacks any movement abilities attached to its use, instead offering some fairly solid damage and a thoroughly enjoyable throw-and-return mechanic. If you’d like to check out the Kinetic Boomerang for yourself, take a look below for information about where to find it and how to make the most out of it in battles.

Where to find a Kinetic Boomerang in Fortnite

A hand holding the new Kinetic Boomerang weapon in a Fortnite key art release.
Epic Games

The Kinetic Boomerang can be found lying on the ground just about anywhere, or you can find it on boomerang stands scattered around the Chapter 4 Season 3 map. While it’s an Epic rarity weapon, it’s not particularly uncommon, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble rounding one up as you explore areas in the battle royale mode. Once you’ve found one and picked it up, you can simply equip it and prepare for some boomeranging.

How does the Kinetic Boomerang work?

Character holding a Kinetic Boomerang
Epic Games

Using the Kinetic Boomerang is relatively straightforward because it works precisely how you’d expect a boomerang to function — simply throw it at an enemy to hit them for 60 damage and then wait for it to return to you. As it returns, it can hit the enemy again and deal another chunk of damage. However, you can also return it early, which can come in handy if you missed your initial throw.

Still, as fun as it can be to use the Kinetic Boomerang, it doesn’t dish out damage with enough speed to make it viable in most cases where your enemy is using firearms. In general, this unique weapon is actually best for finishing off particularly wiggly foes who try to escape or move around quickly, as it has a slight magnetism to it that will allow it to connect to someone even if you didn’t aim it perfectly. Similarly, you can simply swap to your boomerang after unloading a full magazine from your main weapon and deal out that last big hit on an enemy to wrap up a fight, or you can use it to check hiding spots like bushes and trees without using precious ammo. As you can see, it’s not best suited for every situation, but its versatility makes it a great choice to keep around.

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