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Fortnite challenge guide: Shockwave wildlife using a shockwave grenade or bow

It’s time for yet another Fortnite challenge guide, this time for season 6, week 4. Many of the difficult challenges for this week require you to craft specific items, which you might have some trouble with. One particular quest requires you to shockwave wildlife using a shockwave grenade or bow.

Even if you’ve been playing since the season started, you might not be aware of how to craft the items needed for this challenge. Or maybe you’re unaware of where to find wildlife. Whatever the case, this guide will walk you through gathering the resources you need, as well as how to find wildlife to complete the challenge. Here’s how to shockwave wildlife using a shockwave grenade or bow in Fortnite.

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How to obtain a shockwave grenade


First up, let’s cover how to get your hands on a shockwave grenade. Unfortunately, they don’t spawn in fixed locations, meaning there’s an element of luck involved in obtaining one. There’s a higher chance of finding them from Loot Llamas or Supply Drops, so keep your eyes peeled for those as they come in. Aside from that, it’s possible to get your hands on a shockwave grenade by finding them around the map or from chests. In short, there isn’t a guaranteed way to get one to spawn, so just be on the lookout for one if you plan on using it to complete this challenge.

How to craft a shockwave bow


The other way to complete this challenge is to craft a shockwave bow, which is done by combining a makeshift bow with four mechanical parts and two shockwave grenades. As you can see, it’s much more efficient to just use the shockwave grenade to begin with, instead of going through the trouble of making a shockwave bow. However, it’s easier to land your shots with the shockwave bow than the grenades, so you’ll want to choose one or the other depending on your skill.

Here are the materials needed for a mechanical bow:

  • Makeshift bow
  • Four mechanical parts

Remember, mechanical parts are gathered from cars and other vehicles like RVs, while the makeshift bows drop as floor loot.

Then, you’ll need to craft a shockwave bow with the following items:

  • Mechanical bow
  • Two shockwave grenades

How to shock wildlife


Reference the map above (thanks, to know where to find wildlife around the map. As you can see, the central area of the map around The Spire has an abundance of animals to choose from. In general, we recommend avoiding approaching deadly creatures like raptors or wolves if possible. If you’re going to shock the deadly wildlife, we advise staying back so they can’t attack you. Otherwise, we advise simply attempting to shock chickens or frogs, which won’t attack you.

The nice thing about this challenge is that you only have to shock one animal, so either toss your grenade or line up your shot with the shockwave bow to finish your objective. Once you do, you’ll gain 24,000 XP.

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