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Fortnite challenge guide: Use the Grab-itron to deliver a tractor to Hayseed’s Farm

The latest set of Fortnite challenges is live, this time for season 7, week 10. You’ll likely have an easier time getting through these new challenges than in previous weeks since the objectives are much more straightforward. The first one you’ll probably attempt to complete is for using the Grab-itron or saucer’s abductor beam to deliver a tractor to Hayseed’s Farm. There are a few things you need to know about this objective, but once you know where to go, getting through it is a relatively simple process.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about completing this challenge. Here’s how to use the Grab-itron or saucer’s abductor beam to deliver a tractor to Hayseed’s Farm in Fortnite.

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Where to get a Grab-itron or saucer

Map of saucers in Fortnite.

As we covered in our guide from season 7, week 9, the Grab-itron weapon is found in chests around the map. It randomly spawns and, based on our testing, it has a low rate of appearing in chests, making it tough to rely on this method to complete the challenge. If you happen to come across it during natural play, then it’s a good idea to go for the challenge, but otherwise, we advise using the saucer since those are easier to find.

Conveniently, there’s a saucer very close to Hayseed’s Farm, so we highly advise picking that up when you start the challenge. It’s found right at the heart of Corny Complex, as shown on the map above (thanks, If you land here right away, you can hop into the saucer, grab a tractor, and then complete the challenge quickly.

Where to find tractors

Map of tractors in Fortnite.

Tractors are found all around the Corny Complex area. In the map above (courtesy of, you’ll find all of their locations. For the purposes of this challenge, simply fly overhead with the saucer, and use the abductor beam to pick it up. On PlayStation, it’s L1, on Xbox, it’s LB, and on Nintendo Switch, it’s L. Once you’ve grabbed it, you’ll be able to fly around while holding the tractor with the beam.

Where to deliver tractors

Map of Hayseed's Farm in Fortnite.

The final step of this process is to take the tractor to Hayseed’s Farm, which is located to the northeast of Corny Complex. It’s found on the island to the right, as shown in the map above. All you need to do is drop the tractor off in front of the building and you’ll get credit for completing the challenge. If you use the saucer’s abductor beam, you can quickly reach the farm in no time. Otherwise, you’ll need to use the Grab-itron to walk there, which is substantially more difficult, especially since Corny Complex is a busy area.

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