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Fortnite challenge guide: Get Slone’s orders from a payphone

The latest set of challenges for Fortnite season 7 is live, this time for week 3. This week’s challenges might cause some problems since all of them require you to visit specific locations to speak with NPCs or collect certain items. One of the first ones you’ll likely attempt is getting Slone’s orders from a payphone. While the actual act of accepting Slone’s orders isn’t hard, finding a payphone might not be so easy, especially if this is the first season you’ve played.

Luckily, we have all the details on how to complete this challenge, so whether you’re a newcomer or veteran, you’ll likely still find some useful tips in this guide. Here’s how to get Slone’s orders from a payphone in Fortnite as part of season 7, week 3.

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Where to find payphones

Payphone locations in Fortnite.

The biggest hurdle of this challenge is simply finding a payphone. They all spawn in fixed locations, which is great, but they aren’t in the most obvious places. In the map above (thanks,, you’ll find all the payphone locations in the current season. As you can see, they tend to be located around the outer edge of the map, so if you’re someone who is looking for them toward the end of a match, they might already be out of zone.

That’s why we advise visiting a payphone right away, if possible. Pick a payphone that is sort of out of the way from the path of the Battle Bus, so you don’t run into an enemy player. Despite payphones being tied to challenges, they aren’t typically as busy as you’d expect. And to make things easier, we advise attempting this in Team Rumble so you can respawn if you get eliminated before you interact with the payphone.

Another great tip is to let your team know you’re going for this challenge so they can watch your back as you attempt it. This can be an easy way to ensure you don’t get eliminated before you can interact with the payphone. Just try to get your hands on a weapon first so you can defend yourself from any nearby enemies.

As for accepting Slone’s orders, all you have to do is interact with one of the above payphones. Press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, and Y on Nintendo Switch to interact, and you’ll need to go through a couple menu options to accept the orders. That’s all there is to it. You don’t need to actually complete Slone’s orders — simply accepting them will do the trick. After you’ve done that, you’ll earn credit for completing the challenge and get 15,000 battle pass XP for your troubles.

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