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Fortnite challenge: Visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack

We’re nearing the end of Fortnite season 7, but before it’s over, there’s another list of challenges for you to complete — this time, they’re for week 8. Throughout this season, the challenges have varied in difficulty and complexity, but this week, you’ll find an easier set of objectives than before. One of the first ones you might need assistance with requires you to visit three unmarked locations on the map, including Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack.

This isn’t a difficult task, but it can cause some trouble if you’re unaware of where to find them. In this guide, we’ll walk you through completing the challenge, with tips on making it as easy as possible. Here’s how to visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack in Fortnite.

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Where to find Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack

Map of Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack in Fortnite.

The first thing you should know about this challenge is that you must complete the prerequisites before being able to make progress. First, you need to use four shield potions in a match, and then you must collect 750 building resources. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to complete the challenge for visiting Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack.

The general locations of each spot can be found in the map above (thanks, Depending on the path of the Battle Bus at the start of a match, it might be easier to visit one location over another. For the purposes of the challenge, we highly recommend attempting it in Team Rumble since you start in the air each time you respawn. This way, you can easily glide to the locations you need to visit within one match. All you need to do is step foot in each location — no need to interact with any objects.

Coral Cove

Coral Cove in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You can hit these in any order, but the first one we’ll showcase is Coral Cove. This is found on the western side of the map, to the left of Coral Castle. Look for the big shell shown above, and get close to it to earn credit.

Base Camp Golf

Base Camp Golf in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Camp Base Golf is practically on the opposite side of the map, all the way by Catty Corner. Look for a little base on the north side of the large snowy mountain here.

Unremarkable Shack

Unremarkable Shack in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Finally, Unremarkable Shack is on the north side of the map, to the northwest of Craggy Cliffs. This building is found on an island, so you’ll want to land here via glider if possible since swimming is slow. After you’ve visited all three locations, you’ll be finished with this challenge.

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