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Fortnite season 7, week 8 challenges and how to complete them

It’s time once again to go over the latest Fortnite challenges, this time, for season 7, week 8. We’re nearing the end of season 7, but before its conclusion, there’s another batch of challenges to complete. This week has some of the easiest of the entire season, with many of them featuring objectives you’d probably complete by playing naturally anyway.

Despite this, there are a few you might get stuck on — specifically ones that require you to visit certain unmarked locations. In this guide, we’ll show you each of the new challenges, along with walkthroughs on getting through some of the trickier ones. Here are the Fortnite season 7, week 8 challenges, and how to complete them.

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Fortnite season 7, week 8 challenges

As always, we advise taking a look at the new list of challenges so you’re aware of what awaits you. While most of them are simple, there are a couple you’ll want to keep an eye on, such as visiting specific spots around the map. Below are all the new challenges for season 7, week 8.

  • Use Shield Potions in a single match (4)
  • Collect building resources (750)
  • Visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack (3)
  • Build structures (25)
  • Complete bounties from bounty boards (3)
  • Ignite enemy players or enemy player structures (15)
  • Emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake (1)

As you can see, you shouldn’t need help with most of the challenges for the week, so long as you’re mildly familiar with the game. But for the tougher ones, use the following guides to get through them.

Fortnite season 7, week 8 challenge guide

Visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack

Coral Cove in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

To complete this challenge, you need to visit the three locations listed above. For details on their specific locations, check out our guide below.

How to visit Coral Cove, Base Camp Golf, and Unremarkable Shack

Ignite enemy players or enemy player structures

Igniting a player in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This is likely the hardest challenge of the week since it requires a little luck and skill. Click the link below for more details on how to complete it.

How to ignite enemy players or enemy player structures

Emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake

Camera at Lazy Lake in Fortnite.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re unsure where to find the cameras at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake, make sure to check out our full guide by clicking the link below.

How to emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake

And with that, you’ll be well-equipped to take down all the tough challenges for the week. The nice thing is that most of them are simple, so you should be able to get through them in no time at all.

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