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Fortnite is about to get very, very frightening with thunderbolts and lightning

Fortnite‘s latest update is bringing dynamic weather to the game. Players will now have to deal with lightning storms and tornadoes during their battle royale rounds.

Fortnite has added many new features in its latest season that have drastically turned the tide of battle. Not only have we seen the return of Quad Crashers, which are ATVs that have a myriad of different uses, but Epic introduced Spider-Man’s iconic web-shooters, a new slide mechanic, and crazy powerful SMGs. The addition of dynamic weather continues that trend.

Fortnite player boating through lightning storm.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The latest update and its dynamic weather include active tornadoes and lightning storms. In a press release, Epic detailed these new additions and the abilities that they grant players.

Tornadoes will randomly form on the map and players can use them to take to the skies and glide away from battle or toward an objective. Players will not receive fall damage after being spit out of a twister.

Lightning storms also help out players, as shocked players will take a bit of damage, but receive a speed boost as well. Players can increase their odds of getting struck by lightning by jumping into water beneath the storm cloud or climbing to the highest point they can. Lightning also won’t strike twice — literally. Once players are struck, they won’t be struck again during that storm.

Fortnite character flying through a tornado.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The new update also includes a new weapon: The flare gun. Like firefly jars, flare guns will start and spread fires that cause ongoing damage to any players too close to the flames. They’ll appear on the map in chests and supply drops, as well as appearing on the ground.

The new update is active in Fortnite lobbies everywhere right now. Feel free to jump in tornadoes to your heart’s content.

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