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All goddess cube locations and rewards in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

There are tons of things in Zelda games to find, collect, and discover as you make your way through the main story. In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, the number of things to find is second only to the newest Zelda offering in the massive The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But, even as a more linear experience, there are still plenty of secrets to discover in the large space you will soar through above the clouds, and the various regions you’ll trek across on the surface.

Goddess Cubes are the unique type of collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HDThese cryptic-looking blocks can be found all across the world, and each one has an associated treasure that can only be obtained by activating the corresponding cube. Some rewards are more useful than others, but they are the only way to get some of the most important items and upgrades if you’re looking to power up Link to his absolute best. These 27 Goddess Cubes can be tricky to track down, so we’ve pinpointed all the Goddess Cube locations and their rewards in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. 

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Deep Woods Goddess Cubes

Link slashing an enemy in the woods.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We’ve got three cubes in the Deep Woods to get, but one is part of the story so you can’t miss it.

  1. As you progress through the story, you will meet the Goron named Gorko who will essentially be your tutorial on how Goddess Cubes work. You won’t be able to progress until you activate this one. The chest will show up outside the Lumpy Pumpkin in Pumpkin Landing and have an Adventure Pouch upgrade inside.
  2. The next cube is right out in the open outside of Skyview Temple. Once you activate this one, head on back to Skyloft and find the small island directly to the south with the chest on it. This is another one you’ll want to make sure to get since it has a piece of heart inside.
  3. Finally, look on the side of Skyview Temple for some vines you can clawshot up to and climb onto the roof. Or, if you don’t have the clawshot, you can reach the roof by jumping off the Great Tree. Either way, the chest will spawn on Beedle’s Island and have a Rupee Medal inside.

Skyview Temple Goddess Cube

Once you have beaten the Skyview Temple boss, in the area called Skyview Spring, look for this Goddess Cube right behind the statue. The chest will again be near the Lumpy Pumpkin, this time on the roof. Fly overhead and drop down to reach it and claim your gold rupee.

Eldin Volcano Goddess Cubes

We’ve got a hearty six Goddess Cubes to find around the Eldin Volcano.

  1. Right beside the Volcano Entry in Eldin Volcano is the first Bird Statue. Look for a ledge you can drop to from the southeast side with the Goddess Cube on it. The chest will appear up in Skyloft on an island right next to Bamboo Island and northwest of Beedle’s Island.
  2. Starting from the Volcano Entry, follow the east path until you need to take the north path at the split. This is right beside the tunnel you will go into to get inside Eldin Volcano. Take to the skies once again and find the chest with the Small Seed Satchel on an island to the northwest of Fun Fun Island.
  3. Now inside the actual cone of the volcano, which you can reach via the geyser of steam, you will start off free-falling downward. Aim yourself toward the platform in the corner with the Goddess Cube before falling all the way down. The chest will be on the Isle of Songs in Thunderhead, which can’t be reached until later on in the story, but has a gold rupee waiting for you inside.
  4. Standing outside the entrance to the Earth Temple, look to the west for a dig spot you can interact with the create a geyser of steam. Take a bomb with you up to the ledge of the steam to help you reach and blow up the bombable wall ahead of you either with the nearby bomb flower or your own bombs to uncover the Goddess Cube. This chest is behind the building on Bamboo Island and has yet another gold rupee.
  5. Once again aligning yourself outside the Earth Temple entrance, if you look to the east you will spot a Bokoblin camp with a big tower. By blowing up said tower, you will create a bridge, but rather than crossing it you should find an alternate path that leads downward just to the right of it. It is hard to spot, but once you go down, the Goddess Cube will be right in front of you. The chest is back up in Skyloft on an island to the southeast of Beedle’s Island. You will need to land on the highest part of the island and carefully climb down some vines to where the chest is. This time you’ll get a Treasure Medal for your efforts.
  6. The last Goddess Cube in Eldin Volcano is on the east side and all the way north at the sand slide. As you slide down, make sure to stick to the left side and get off on the platform with a dig spot on it. Dig through here to another platform with the Goddess Cube. This chest is right in the middle of Skyloft, but you need the ability to swim underwater to reach it. By going down through the tunnel in the lake, you can reach this chest and the heart piece inside.

Lanayru Mine Goddess Cube

Right when you get to the Lanayru Mine, head to the south and you will spot the cube partially buried behind a statue. Activate it and head to the northwest part of Skyloft to find an island with a bombable wall on a lower section. Blast it open and add a silver rupee to your wallet.

Lanayru Desert Goddess Cubes

Pack some sunscreen because we have four Goddess Cubes to hunt down in the scorching Lanayru Desert.

  1. Start out by going to the southwest part of the desert by using the shells as platforms to cross the quicksand by knocking them down with your Hook Beetle. The island you’re trying to reach is on the far southern end, and, of course, has the Goddess Cube on it. To find the chest, return to Skyloft and go to the island to the south with what looks like a volcano on it. Drop somewhere on the exterior of the small volcano and collect the Heart Medal from the chest.
  2. Starting outside of the Temple of Time, you probably have already seen the minecart on a track that is blocked by a robot. Use the Timeshift Stone to ride the minecart down the track, triggering each one as you go using your Hook Beetle. Once rolling, charge up your skyward strike and be ready to hit the Goddess Cube as you pass by. This chest is on the roof of Beedle’s house on Beedle’s Island and has another piece of heart.
  3. Get your clawshots ready for this cube. When you’re in the northeast part of the Lanayru Desert, you will find a wall you can blow open with a bomb. Inside is a series of clawshot points you will need to make your way through until you hit the end with the Goddess Cube. This chest will appear on an island between Bamboo Island and Beedle’s Island. Swim down and pop up out of the water to get enough height to reach the chest with a Heart Medal inside.
  4. Again requiring the use of the clawshots, position yourself in the area to the south of the Lanayru Mining Facility by the Timeshift Stone. The Goddess Cube will be up above and to the left of the stone where you can spot a clawshot point that will lead you up to it. The chest this time will be on an island to the northwest of Fun Fun Island. Just climb down some vines and you’ll have a brand-new Life Medal.

Lanayru Sand Sea Goddess Cube

Link riding a minecart in the desert.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

On the docks of the Lnayru Sand Sea, you can find the Goddess Cube just to the north. You will need to use your clawshots to climb up the containers and onto the target to the north. Be aware that once you drop off the target, you’ll have to deal with a bunch of Arachas before you can activate the cube in the corner. The chest is a quick and easy get in the Bazaar back in Skyloft, and holds a shiny gold rupee.

Lanayru Gorge Goddess Cube

This is a very easy Goddess Cube to find. Simply head to the Lanayru Gorge and, once you’ve talked with the Thunder Dragon, head to the Tree of Life. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to clear away the sand with your Dust Bellows to reveal a Timeshift Stone you need to strike first. The cube is on a lower level just below the tree. Travel back into the Thunderhead and to the western side. Find the island with a dig spot on the right side of the island to reach this chest. You’ll get a Small Quiver as a reward.

Faron Woods Goddess Cubes

We have three Goddess Cubes to find while exploring the Faron Woods, and each requires you to have a specific item to reach, namely the Water Dragon’s Scale.

  1. The first cube can’t be reached until you have the Water Dragon Scale. Once you have it, use your ability to swim to the Great Tree. From the top, where you can see all the branches, look below for the Goddess Cube on one of the roots sticking out to the West. Glide down to it and hit it with a Skyward Strike. The chest will show up in Skyloft near the Knight’s Academy. To the south, look for the small floating island near the ledge. Jump and glide over to pop open the chest and claim the silver rupee inside.
  2. Again with the Water Dragon’s Scale, swim inside the Great Tree again and make your way around the back to spot the cube on a root you can glide to. Alternatively, you can also reach this Goddess Cube via the clawshots if you get below the area and grapple up on the curved part of the root. Either way, the chest will spawn between the light pillars indicating Lanayru Desert and Faron Woods. Skydive onto this island and land on the right platform, or use the clawshots to grapple your way to it. This one holds a piece of heart, so make sure to snag it.
  3. Finally, again starting from the top of the Great Tree, look for the root you can hop to with a tight rope attached. Carefully cross and activate the cube. Your reward will spawn in Thunderhead in the northeast section. You will need to deal with some Walltulas on the vines you have to climb, or you can freefall right to the chest if your aim is good. Kick open the chest and claim your Rupee Medal.

Lake Floria Goddess Cubes

Link flying toward a floating island.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are two Goddess Cubes hidden around Lake Floria.

  1. First, go to the Bird Statue in this area and look up to find some vines you can clawshot to in the northwest. Climb up and strike this cube to spawn the chest. The chest is right off the western side of Skyloft. Use your clawshot to climb up above the waterfall and then drop down to the chest with a gold rupee.
  2. Right at the entrance to Lake Floria, outside the Ancient Cistern when coming from the Faron Woods, look up above for a target you can clawshot up to. Climb a bit more and you will reach the next cube. Back in Skyloft, the island you’re looking for is right below Fun Fun Island and has another gold rupee inside.

Skipper’s Retreat Goddess Cube

While climbing up the series of platforms in Skipper’s Retreat, after taking the first zipline, look for the clawshot point you can hit on a nearby pillar. Chain clawshots between the pillars until you come to the platform with the Goddess Cube sitting on top. This chest will appear on an island far to the west in Skyloft, somewhat near Fun Fun Island. There are several chests on this island, but the one you’re looking for is protected by a metal cage. Simply whip out your clawshots one more time and drop in from above to claim your Potion Medal.

Pirate Stronghold Goddess Cube

Once you’ve entered the Pirate Hideout by using the Timeshift Sphere to open the giant mouth, exit through the door in the middle of the island. From here, look above the door you just exited through for a clawshot point that will pull you right up to this Goddess Cube. The chest is on yet another floating island above the water in eastern Skyloft. You need to use your clawshots to climb up some vines to reach the source of the waterfall to find the chest and the heart piece it holds.

Volcano Summit Goddess Cubes

Our final three Goddess Cubes for this guide are all in the Volcano Summit area.

  1. Once you enter the Volcano Summit, make your first right and follow the path until you hit a lake of lava where you can spot the Goddess Cube on a small platform in the middle of the lake. You won’t be able to reach it until you’ve already opened the Fire Sanctuary and the eruption has occurred. Once you have, then there will be a series of small platforms you can hop across to reach the cube. This chest is also in the Thunderhead storm on the western side. You can find a dig spot on a small outcropping here that leads to a tunnel. Take the right path, climb up some vines, and open your chest for one of the game’s few empty bottles.
  2. Inside the cave that takes you to the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary, find the exit that leads you to a waterfall feeding into a small pool of water you’re meant to use to extinguish the flaming frog statues. Instead, dive down all the way to the bottom, but stick as close as you can to the biggest pillar in the middle. The Goddess Cube is on a ledge right beside the pillar. This chest is also in Thunderhead, this time on Bug Island. You can approach it from above by landing at the top of the island and dropping off the south side onto the wooden platform and collecting a piece of heart.
  3. When facing the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary, hang a left and enter the door ahead of you. Scramble up the wall that leads to an open window frame and use your clawshot to reach the top of a second tower. You will have to deal with a Lizalfos here, but at the end of this area is the Goddess Cube. Back in Thunderhead, this chest spawns on the roof of the building on the Isle of Storms. Simply fall on top and pop it open for a Small Bomb Bag.

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