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We need to talk about Pokémon Violet and Scarlet’s funniest evolution

Like each mainline game in the series, Pokémon Violet and Scarlet introduce a whole batch of new monsters for trainers to catch. Those include fresh faces like Pawmot and Bombirdier, as well as new Paldean variants of classics like Wooper and Tauros. They even add some new evolutions for old monsters like Primeape and Bisharp.

There are plenty of excellent designs to highlight, but we need to talk about its absolute goofiest one: Dudunsparce.

A Pokedex entry shows Dudunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

That’s not a typo. Dudunsparce is a new evolution of Dunsparce, a normal-type Pokémon first introduced in Gold and Silver. For decades, the Land Snake Pokémon has had a bit of mystique to it. It has never had an evolution, remaining a relatively weak one-form monster that’s only notable for its decent HP. With creatures like that, longtime fans are always left to dream about what an evolution would look like. Would Dunsparce get the Magikarp treatment and turn into a more powerful monster? Would it get a secondary type that would make it more viable? Would it at least look cool?

The answer to all of those questions is no, absolutely not.

Rather than realizing Dunsparce’s true potential, Game Freak simply added an extra segment to its body. That’s right: Dudunsparce is the exact same design, but with a longer back. Even funnier, there is a one in 100 chance of Dunsparce evolving into a variant form that simply has three body segments instead of two. As if to rub dirt in the wound, one of Dudunsparce’s common abilities is Run Away, which simply allows it to flee any battle without fail.

A Pokemon trainer takes a selfie with Dudunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Its Pokédex entries shine a bit of light on Dudunsparce’s entire deal. It uses its drill-like tail to dig massive tunnels underground, which can span over six miles. It’s also a friendly creature that will carry any creature that finds itself lost in its nest back to the entrance. Though it also has a very specific line of dense: “It drives enemies out of its nest by sucking in enough air to fill its long, narrow lungs, then releasing the air in an intense blast.”

Otherwise, there’s nothing remarkable about the long-awaited Dunsparce evolution, staying true to its predecessor’s roots. It’s still a pure normal type with a middling attack and defense. It is simply, and quite literally, more Dunsparce.

A low-effort design or comedic genius? You be the judge.

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