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The best Call of Duty: Warzone BP50 loadout

The highlight of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Reloaded is the addition of the BP50 assault rifle, which is available to unlock now. To unlock it, you need to earn 15 eliminations while aiming down sights and using an ACOG Optic (we recommend the G16 2.5x, the Axial Arms 3x, and the VLK 3.0x). As always, knowing which attachments to equip can be daunting, especially since there are 70 different options to choose from.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to build the new BP50 and use it in Warzone.

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BP50 overview

The BP50 in Warzone.

Before diving into the loadout itself, let’s take a look at a general overview of the BP50. Sadly, this weapon isn’t anything special, though judging by Warzone’s history, it’s possible the BP50 will get a buff in the future. It doesn’t do particularly well at long-range since its fire rate is so fast, making it easy to blow through ammo quickly. But oddly enough, it doesn’t compete up-close either, despite having a fast fire rate. Because of this, building the weapon effectively is tricky, as it doesn’t perform well in the categories that matter most. Thankfully, the BP50 is relatively easy to use, with low recoil overall. It’s best used at midrange, serving as a decent sniper support weapon. If nothing else, the BP50 offers a heavy dose of nostalgia, as it’s essentially the F2000 assault rifle from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009).

But how should you build the BP50?

The best BP50 loadout

The BP50 in Warzone.

Recommended loadout:

Muzzle Recoil Booster
Maes 538mm Kort
Laser Desmet A-D Flashlight
Optic Slate Reflector
Stock Removed Stock
Magazine 7.625x54mmR 50 Round Mags
Ammunition Lengthened
Rear grip Grooved Grip
Perk Tight Grip
Perk 2 On-Hand

Since this build is meant to work best at mid- to close-range, we suggest using the Recoil Booster Muzzle, offering a faster fire rate. This will allow you to compete within 25 meters or so, especially if you face off against players using weapons with a faster time to kill (TTK). After that, go with the Maes 538mm Kort Barrel for better aim down sights (ADS) speed, aim walking movement speed, and sprint-to-fire speed. This will keep you light on your feet.

Oddly enough, this Vanguard weapon has a Laser option, which is unusual. We recommend the Desmet A-D Flashlight Laser for better recoil control and recoil recovery, helping you secure those midrange eliminations much easier. Next, the Slate Reflector Optic is a great choice, as it offers a clean sight without penalizing ADS speeds. You won’t need high zoom since you’ll only be challenging enemies at midrange.

After that, pick the Removed Stock, offering improved movement speed, sprint-to-fire speed, aim walking movement speed, and faster ADS times, allowing you to compete at close- to mid-range. For this build, we recommend using the 7.625x54mmR 50 Round Mags for better bullet velocity and increased torso damage, making it easier to secure those midrange eliminations. Likewise, we always advise using Lengthened Ammunition for even better bullet velocity.

In terms of Grip options, it’s best to use the Grooved Grip. This is a great choice because it improves your aim walking movement speed and offers better horizontal recoil control, improved ADS firing move speed, and overall aiming stability. Next, it’s best to utilize the Tight Grip Perk, which improves your accuracy and recoil during sustained fire. To assist with ADS times even further, we recommend using the On-Hand Perk 2.

Perk 1 Quick Fix
Perk 2 Tempered
Perk 3 Amped

You’ll want to select Perks that adhere to your playstyle, but in general, our go-to list remains the same. Go with Quick Fix to trigger immediate health regenerations when you secure an elimination or apply an armor plate. We also recommend Tempered, allowing you to reach max armor with only two plates instead of three (also making your plates last longer). You can use Overkill as well to bring along a sniper, but we typically recommend grabbing another loadout so you don’t waste the Perk slot. Finally, it’s best to go with Amped for Perk slot 3, as it lets you swap weapons faster. This is significant when using a sniper rifle as your other weapon.

Lethal Equipment Semtex
Tactical Equipment Stims

The equipment you bring comes down to personal preference, but there are a few options you’ll want to consider. Semtex grenades are certainly a great choice for clearing out a room, while Throwing Knives work well to immediately finish off a downed enemy. As for Tactical Equipment, Stims are usually the best option, as they immediately trigger health regeneration, even in the gas.

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