Fitness app Studio will bring a group running class to your living room

We’ve mastered the art of running just about every aspect of our lives from our homes. We’re telecommuting masters, online shopping gurus, and even patients of telemedicine. But for some reason, we’re still leaving the comfort of our living rooms for a good workout. Sure, no one really wants to run on a treadmill, even with a good show blaring in the background? But that could change with a new iOS app. Meet Studio, the fitness app that hopes to bring the benefit of group classes focused on running into your home. All you need is a treadmill and the motivation, and Studio provides the rest.

Using the Studio app, subscribers (it’s $15 a month or $100 a year) can choose among hundreds of classes taught by fitness instructors with resumes that include boutique studios like SoulCycle and Orange Theory. Classes vary by difficulty level and length, so you can decide if you’re a beginner who wants 45 minutes of exercise, or an advanced workout addict who just needs a 20-minute session. There are also class sets, like a zero to 5K course for folks who are just finding their stride.

Classes can also be chosen based on whether they emphasize instruction or music. So regardless of whether you’d rather have an instructor who talks you through everything, or one who lets the music do the talking, you ought to be able to find a class that suits your mood. Studio has full music licenses, which means they have a pretty wide selection of songs to choose from. Indeed, music is said to be at the core of all of Studio’s classes, because who can move without a beat?

The app will measure your performance based on a variety of statistics, including distance run, time elapsed, and heart rate. That way, you’re being given a more holistic picture of your progress. Of course, plenty of runners would rather go at things solo, but if you just so happen to be someone who needs the energy of a group class when you’re out on a jog, Studio may be the app for you.