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Best QLED TV deals: Save on TCL, Samsung, Vizio, and more

Home theater shoppers need to direct their attention to the TV department right now, as it’s a good place to land some big savings. In particular, QLED TVs are seeing some awesome discounts, with brands like TCL, Hisense, and Samsung offering QLED TVs as low as $250. QLED is one of the best picture technologies on the market, so you can be sure you’re getting an impressive viewing experience with any one of these TVs, and right now, they make up the best QLED TV deals available.

Best TCL QLED TV deals

2023 TCL Q6 4K QLED TV.

TCL has become one of the more popular TV brands on the market because it provides a lot of great smart TV features at a decent price point. In other words, great value lands front and center when you add a TCL TV to your home theater. You’ll find a range of TCL QLED TVs seeing discounts, and despite its affordable price point, TCL still manages to deliver when it comes to smart features and content management, which are handled through Google TV smart OS.

  • TCL 50-inch Q5 Series QLED 4K Google TV —
  • TCL 55-inch Q5 Series QLED 4K Google TV —
  • TCL 65-inch Q5 Series QLED 4K Google TV —
  • TCL 65-inch Q6 Series QLED 4K Google TV —
  • TCL 55-inch Q7 Series QLED 4K Google TV —
  • TCL 75-inch Q6 Series QLED 4K Google TV —

Best Hisense QLED TV deals

The Hisense U6H ULED 4K TV in a living room.

Like TCL, Hisense has become a brand a lot of TV shoppers turn to because it offers some affordability and value. You’ll find lower prices among Hisense QLED TVs than you will among many of the more recognizable and premium TV brands, though Hisense TVs still produce a high quality QLED image. They’re also powered by the Google TV smart OS platform, so you’ll always have easy access to your favorite content with a Hisense QLED TV.

  • Hisense 55-inch A76K QLED 4K Google TV —
  • Hisense 55-inch U6 QLED 4K Google TV —
  • Hisense 65-inch U6 QLED 4K Google TV —
  • Hisense 75-inch A76K QLED 4K Google TV —
  • Hisense 75-inch U6 QLED 4K Google TV —

Best Samsung QLED TV deals

The Samsung Q80C placed in a living room on a TV stand.

In addition to its impressive OLED TVs, Samsung also has a lineup of QLED TVs. They’re priced lower than Samsung’s OLED TVs, and right now a lot of them are seeing sale prices even lower than normal. You can find Samsung QLED TV deals starting as low as $400, and there are all sorts of sizes to choose from.

  • Samsung 32-inch Q60C QLED 4K Tizen TV —
  • Samsung 50-inch Q60C QLED 4K Tizen TV —
  • Samsung 55-inch Q60C QLED 4K Tizen TV —
  • Samsung 55-inch Q70C QLED 4K Tizen TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch Q60C QLED 4K Tizen TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch Q70C QLED 4K Tizen TV —

Other QLED TV deals worth shopping

The Vizio M7 Series QLED TV mounted on a wall, with a soundbar.

But there are other brands in the QLED TV game, and they all warrant a look right now. Whether you’re looking for a big screen to place at the center of your home theater or something smaller to stick in a corner of the living room, the QLED TV deals can add some savings to the process.

  • JVC 43-inch QLED 4K Roku TV —
  • Amazon 43-inch QLED 4K Fire TV —
  • Vizio 55-inch MQ6 QLED 4K TV —
  • Amazon 55-inch QLED 4K Fire TV —
  • Amazon 65-inch QLED 4K Fire TV —
  • Vizio 75-inch P-Series QLED 4K HDR TV —
  • Roku 75-inch QLED 4K Roku TV —

Should you buy a QLED TV or an OLED TV?

In the battle for top image quality it has come down to QLED and OLED over the past few years. One of the things that makes QLED so popular is its affordability. While you’ll find QLED models out there that reach as high in price as some of the best OLED TVs, QLED often has a lower starting point. This is evidenced in our roundup above, with the most affordable QLED deal right now coming in at a sale price of just $248.

If you’re trying to decide between an OLED TV and any of the best QLED TVs, another thing to keep in mind is that there seems to be a lot more QLED models to choose from. Brands like TCL and Hisense are in on the QLED game, and even top brands like Samsung are too. You’ll also find the likes of Vizio, Toshiba, and JVC making QLED TV models. Even names like Amazon and Roku, whose primary focus when it comes to TVs is software and easy access to streaming content, have some QLED models to choose from.

You don’t need to worry too much about a difference in picture quality when it comes to QLED and OLED TVs. Each offers its own high quality picture, and the main differences are how each goes about producing it. You’ll find a lot more affordable options if you decide to go with a QLED TV, which means in many ways it comes out ahead of OLED if you’re looking to land some value with your next TV purchase.

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