TCL has priced its impressive 6-Series Roku TVs, and they’re unbelievably cheap

TCL’s 4K 6-Series Roku TVs wowed us at this year’s CES. The premium performance they appeared to offer rivaled premium TVs from big names like Samsung and LG, but were promised to come in at a fraction of the price. In March, we found out that the new TCL TV line would be out in May, but we were mostly left in the dark as to what they would cost. Now we finally know what the top-shelf 6-Series will be selling for, and the price of the large model is nothing short of astounding.

There are two sizes of the 6-Series available: a 65-inch model and a 55-inch model. TCL had previously said that the 55-inch version would cost $650 — the same price as the 55-inch model in last year’s P6-Series. TCL announced today that the 65-inch version will retail for $1,000, far less than you’ll see from a different manufacturer when discussing TV of this quality.

In addition to 4K resolution, the 6-Series TVs feature support for high dynamic range (HDR), including Dolby Vision, which used to be very rare in affordable TVs but is starting to become more common. HDR makes for brighter brights, deeper blacks, hence improved contrast and deeper color. Both models feature local dimming to endable that contrast, with 120 zones in the 65-inch model and 96 zones in the 55-inch model. The TVs also feature TCL’s HDR Pro Gamma, which automatically adjusts the picture to adapt to the lighting in your room, meaning you’ll have the ideal viewing situation no matter where you put your TV.

TCL says the 6-Series TVs use the latest version of the Roku OS, which was just updated this week with new features. In addition to the 5,000 plus streaming channels and more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes, the TV features the Dolby Access channel, which uses different trailers and short films to show off what Dolby Vision HDR is capable of. The new Roku TV Voice remote offers enhanced voice controls, with the ability to launch streaming channels, switch inputs, switch to local broadcast channels, search for movies and TV shows, and more.

Both of the 6-Series models are available for pre-order now, but if you’re interested, you might want to hurry up: TCL says that both models are currently offered at introductory prices, which means they may go up in the future, regardless of whether TV prices rise as a whole.