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This 98-inch 4K TV is 33% off, and a lot cheaper than you’d think

TCL S Class S4 LED 4K TV.

TV deals tend to focus on smaller TVs, but right now, Best Buy has a huge discount on an equally huge TV. Today, you can buy the TCL 98-inch S5 Series 4K TV for $2,000. Yup, we said 98 inches of TV. It normally costs $3,000, so you’re saving $1,000 by buying today. It’s a huge TV that also offers plenty of useful features. If you’re considering going big AND going home with it, here’s all you need to know about it.

Why you should buy the TCL 98-inch S5 Series 4K TV

Before you do anything, think carefully about what size TV will fit in your home. We all want the answer to be this huge TV but you really will need plenty of space. A TV that’s too big will at best look awkward in your living space but might actually end up impossible to place.

Besides being huge, the TCL 98-inch S5 Series 4K TV is also packed with essential features. It has a 120Hz refresh rate so it cuts down on motion blur massively. That’s further helped by its use of Motion Rate 480 with MEMC Frame Insertion technology which combines multiple motion enhancement technologies to provide great clarity. The TV also has a wide color gamut so you get richer colors than regular TVs, while there’s a high-brightness Direct LED backlight for brighter images.

TCL is one of the best TV brands because it’s great at providing plenty of value with its TVs. For instance, there’s also a package of HDR features such as Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG.

At all times, TCL’s AIPQ Engine with Deep Learning AI is able to upgrade HD content and it also intelligently optimizes color, contrast, and clarity. When playing games, an auto-game mode kick in providing the lowest possible input lag and latency. Just imagine how great the latest games will look on such a huge TV.

Sound-wise, the TCL 98-inch S5 Series 4K TV may not rival the best TVs but it’s still reasonably good. It has DTS Virtual:X audio for more immersive 3D sound. For finding all your shows, Google TV simplifies the process and there’s Chromecast built-in along with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support.

Packed with all the essentials while also being a huge TV, the TCL 98-inch S5 Series 4K TV is usually $3,000. Right now at Best Buy, you can buy it for $2,000 which is a pretty impressive deal for such a huge TV. If you’ve got the room, you’re going to love the TCL 98-inch S5 Series 4K TV. Tap the button below to seek out the deal while it’s still available.

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