Izon celebrates Android compatibility for its home security cams with Black Friday deal

izons home camera works android izon view

Surveillance cameras bring with them a certain peace of mind — they make it easy keep an eye on what’s happening at your house while you’re on vacation, or ensure your child is doing okay with the new baby sitter. Unfortunately, many are still under the impression that you have to have a full-on “smart home” to enjoy those benefits, but that’s no longer the case. There are now dozens of home surveillance cameras that you can set up independently, including this one from Stem Innovations called Izon.

We first took a look at the Izon back in 2011, but the home camera has evolved a lot since then. The company has two new home surveillance cameras, both of which support iOS and Android devices. The Izon View is the more expensive of the two, but it costs only $100. The View has night vision, thanks to IR LEDs on the front of the device, and can tilt and swivel to look into every corner of the room. You can mount it on almost any flat surface, including the ceiling. All you need is a Wi-Fi network and the companion app.

For those of you who want a less fancy, but still effective home surveillance camera, Izon offers the Izon 2.0 for just $80. It doesn’t have night vision, but it has most of the same features and syncs with the app.

Izon says the Android app will hit the Google Play Store just in time for Black Friday. To promote its new cameras and Android app, Izon will offer a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal that lets Android users buy one Izon camera and get a second one free. That way, you can monitor multiple rooms at the same time. Both cameras are available on the company’s website.