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Amazon started its Black Friday deals early, but should you shop them?

While we won’t begrudge you the claim that retailers seem to kickstart holiday shopping events earlier every year, and it’s certainly warranted, this year it makes a lot of sense why. There are supply chain issues, there’s a lot of demand on certain items and products — like electronics — and shippers may be seeing more delays than usual. It means that when the holidays do kick off, we may be seeing a lot of problems leading to a lower stock selection, so it’s a good idea to start shopping early, or at least start planning. Luckily, there are quite a few Black Friday deals that are already live, along with a ton of Amazon Black Friday deals available now.

Speaking of Amazon, the retailer is one of the few that has already started offering some excellent holiday and Black Friday deals, far ahead of the renowned event. As part of the sale, there are discounted tablets, laptops, headphones, wearables, Amazon’s Echo devices, and much more. If you already have your shopping list put together you’ll be in the best position, but if you don’t, and you need a little more help deciding what to get, that’s okay. We’re going to explore whether or not this early event is worth browsing. We’ll also tell you whether or not you should be on the lookout for sales from other retailers. If you just want to dive in and take a peek at what’s available, you can do that below, as well.

Should you shop Amazon’s Epic Holiday and Black Friday Sale?

Laptop on Amazon surrounded by boxes of tech gear.

Shopping during an early sale can be tricky, indeed. What you believe to be a great deal may turn out to be even better, later on. By the time the real Black Friday rolls around, your return window on most items will be gone, and you won’t be able to exchange for the lower sale prices. However, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of the deals we’re seeing now, at Amazon, are the equivalent of doorbusters, with select products down to the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. For instance, if you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, or a better pair, there are a bunch of really great Black Friday AirPods deals, and low-priced Black Friday headphone deals too.

What’re a few extra bucks off if an item isn’t in stock when you’re ready to buy or it doesn’t ship on time? That’s especially true for toys and items you might want to grab for little ones. Things are probably going to get pretty tight the closer we get to the holidays this year and you don’t want to be out running around the night before trying to get those missing items!

How long are the deals available?

Amazon hasn’t set a specific start or end date for the sales that are happening, but many are already live. We can also expect to see more up until the holidays and shortly after. The idea behind this big Epic Deals and Early Black Friday sales event is to get your shopping done as early as possible, while still being able to take advantage of some awesome prices. Normally, you’d have to wait until at least the week of Black Friday for those great deals to go live. That’s not the case here. Black Friday tablet deals, and Black Friday iPad deals, for example, tend to go live much later — closer to Black Friday in November — but Amazon already has a few amazing deals available earlier than ever. Amazon even has a dedicated Holiday Prep Shop if you want holiday-specific decor, fashion, and more.

What are some of the highlights?

Wondering what kind of deals you can expect to see as part of this early Black Friday event? Toys and holiday items are the most notable, but you’ll also find great deals on fashion, home entertainment, decor, electronics, beauty, Amazon-brand gear, and small business items. If you want a new computer, whether for work or play, there are Black Friday laptop deals, and Black Friday Chromebook deals, alongside a wide variety of other offers, like accessories and peripherals.

In any case, you can see some of the best deals that are available as part of Amazon’s early Black Friday sale, below.

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