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Quip’s smart brush incentivizes tooth brushing with rewards system

Habit-building exercises always use brushing your teeth as an example, but how many people actually brush their teeth properly? According to surveys, the average American only brushes for between 45-70 seconds … once a day. That’s way less than the two minutes, twice per day that dentists recommend. Gross! Quip wants to change that with the new Quip Smart Brush, an electric toothbrush aimed at habit building.

The Quip Smart Brush is designed to help you better build good habits and say adios to bad ones. Quip does this through the basic practices of building new habits: Reminders, guidance, and rewards. The new Quip Smart Brush mounts to your mirror like the original, but the mount also doubles as a travel case.

The Quip Smart Brush has replaceable heads and a Smart Motor that connects via Bluetooth to the brand-new Quip app for iOS and Android. The app helps you track how thoroughly, how long, and how often you brush. It learns your habits and provides you with tailored coaching and reminders to help you improve your oral health. The Smart Brush can also measure your technique and inform you if you are not brushing correctly.

It has a built-in reward system that gives you daily points for consistent brushing, provided you meet the timed goals (two minutes, twice per day.) You can also earn bonus points for completing specific challenges. The points you earn can be redeemed for rewards such as credit toward brush refills, gift cards, and more.

The Quip Smart Brush is available in three colors and material: All-black metal, all-white plastic, and all-yellow rubber. The Quip Smart Brush starts at $45, but existing Quip subscribers can upgrade an existing brush with a smart motor for just $20. More than 5 million people already use Quip, which makes it one of the most popular smart brushes on the market.

Oral hygiene is about so much more than just clean teeth and fresh breath. Some studies suggest that poor oral health can be linked to heart disease and other serious issues. While having sparkling white teeth might help you win a date, they can also help you live longer. If you aren’t giving your teeth the attention they deserve, give Quip a try.

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